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Are you a proud owner of a Villa in one of Dubai’s most prime Villa Communities? If the answer is yes, we understand how important it would be for you to meticulously plan your space and customize the décor to suit the preference of you and your family. After all your private villa is a manifestation of your hard work and every bit of your success is reflected through the walls of your home.

Whether home owners are looking to welcome a pleasant makeover for their luxury villas or planning to get a home renovation job done for the very first time, we at ___(name of the company) are skilled to cater to any paint job requirement for our bespoke clientèle. Our professionally skilled painters and color specialists have a heighten sense of aesthetics and believe in delivering the best experience to every villa project.

We custom curate the interiors and exteriors of your villa by choosing a vibrant coat of fresh paint that matches the vibe of your homes.

Often villa owners make a mistake of devoting attention only to do-up the interiors and seldom pay much heed to the exterior look of their homes. In-fact it is the exterior look of your villa homes that grabs the attention of the visitors first and gives them a glimpse of your personality. Hence, our project consultants are trained to offer the right guidance and advise to enhance the exterior charisma of your homes through the hands of our painters. We usually suggest using a combination of at-least two paint colors for the exterior walls, as it beaks the monotony and gives a pleasing character to the villas.

While choosing different shades for your exterior paint, we are careful with the tone, as darker colors often absorb dust and make the paint job look flimsy in a short period of time. On the other hand, pale shades last longer and given an elegant effect to the elevated villa structure. Give your villas a striking contrast, by using a lighter shade for the base and a vibrantly darker one for the roof.

Another factor that we consider while short listing on the palette color for your exteriors are the exuberant surroundings encircling your exclusive property. The aim is to blend the colors with the surroundings to match the mood, picture-perfect backdrop, and the climatic conditions of the region. Homes that are located by the shimmering blue Dubai Marina bay deserve an easy-going look & feel. Hence, shades of blues and whites on the exterior of the villa blend well with the pristine beauty of the water. If the villa is amidst nature, surrounded by scenic green trees and plenty of garden area, then we recommend the use of earthy tones such as; greens, yellows, and browns.

Our paint solutions are hand picked carefully to match every interior décor scheme. Whether your villa spaces have a modern, contemporary, classic, or even an industrial appeal to it, our consultants artfully glam-up the walls to complement every piece of furniture and home décor. A well-thought color palette enhances the mood and elicits positive emotions amongst the residents. To make your office room or the entertainment room feel brighter and more spacious, simple shades of white, beige, or ivory are applied to do the magic.

The living room of your villa is the most important space in your home, as families spend considerable amount of time here and weave some fond memories with relatives & guests. Moreover, with the open plan layout where the living room seamlessly merges into the kitchen area, it makes sense to paint both the rooms with same color, to provide continuity. However, to break the monotony a subtle ascent may be added to distinguish the architectural points and add depth into the structure of the rooms. A statement wall in your drawing rooms add a bit of bold character to the space. With an eye for artistic detailing, we are skilled to create beautiful geometric accent wall patters, or even an optical illusion to match your grand velvety sofa set. We also offer plenty of three-dimensional designs to create a textured wall that will add a trendsetting statement to your paradise.

Allow your kids to fall in love with their newly done-up bedrooms. Children have vivid imagination and what better gift could you give them than redecorating their rooms with a choice of their most loved theme. To custom curate a cheerful den for your little ones, we put in great effort to introduce an energetic vibe which stimulates a creative spark in them. Our color mixing experts suggest shades of baby pink, lilac, aqua blues or even lemon yellow to match the thematic scheme of the bedrooms.

Our professionals are even seasoned to identify the correct paint technique and quality of paint that will give the home its required longevity despite the harsh rays of the Dubai sun. Villa owners need to understand that their current paint job project will determine when the next application is required. A superior coat of painting may even last for up-to 10 years with minimum efforts on maintenance. Hence, it is wise to invest in a good paint partner, rather than trying to save money for the initial work, keeping the long-term advantages in mind.

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