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Home Zen is happy to be a one-stop service provider for all your swimming pool heating and cooling requirements. We know how the extreme Dubai summer temperature can damper you spirits to go for a refreshing swim after a long day of work. When the sun is at its sharpest, the heat can reach up to 52 degreesCelsiusand make it absolutely unfavorable to dip into the water which has turned too warm for your comfort.The overheated water in the pool becomes a breeding ground for bacteria & algae to thrive and hence maintenance of the pool becomes a greater problem. However, you need not worry, as Bossneo has you covered with the latest technology of swimming pool water chiller and heating system.

What Exactly Is a Swimming Pool Chiller?

You can guess by the name, that a swimming pool chiller is a device that helps the swimming pool water to cool off by circulating cool refreshing water and pulling off the warm water. This way the pool can stay cool all-year round despite the heated temperatures outside. Chemicals such as chlorine do not work optimally in high-temperature water. Hence one would need to add more chemicals to keep the pool water healthy if the water is too warm. By maintainingthe pool at slightly cooler temperatures, the amount of chemicals required to keep the poolrunning,would be kept in check. Cooling the water also slows down the evaporation process and more water is conserved in the bargain.

How Do Pool Chillers Work?

A pool chiller works similar to a pool heater system. The chiller pulls the hot water in and cools it before pumping it out back into the pool. It is able to do this with the help of a fan which blows cold air on the surface of the water and cools it down. In this way, the heat of the water is transferred to the air and the chiller brings down the water temperature by 10 degrees or more, thus making the pool suitable for a swim.

Home Zen helps pool owners to choose an appropriate chiller for their pools. Our technicians inspect the pool type and take into consideration factors such as; climatic conditions, frequency of usage, and size of the pool to determine the type of systemto be installed. The chiller can be purchased as a unit by itself or one can install a heat pump which also doubles as a pool chillerwith the help of a reversal switch. The heat pump uses a kind of refrigerantthat either cools or heats water by running the appropriate heating or cooling cycle.Many different variants of heaters and chillers are available in the marketat different price points andsizes. If the pool chiller is too small in size and capacity, it will not serve the purpose and the water in the pool might not get any cooler. On the other hand, if the pool chiller is of unnecessary large capacity, pool owners may land up spending more on electricity bills. Therefore, Bossneo’s expertise comes into place here and our technicians help bygiving the right guidance and confidence to pool owners, before making a purchase.

Installing Pool Chillers

Installing the Pool chillers has to be done by the hands of a trusted service provider. Handling water and electricity can be a risky task and only those who understand the intricacies well need toperform the job well. Bossneo’s experienced installers are trained to install water chillers and heaters of any size and dimension. Our technicians also do a thorough check of electric specifications such as voltage andamperage to ensure that the chiller can satisfactorily perform its function when in use.

Home Zen is an expert in dealing with various pool chillers such as;

  • Mechanical evaporative cooler
  • Reverse-cycle swimming pool heater (which also works as a chiller)
  • Water chilling system

Maintenance of Pool Chiller

Home Zen engineers are excellent in identifying problems and restoring the swimming poolheating and cooling units. Our engineers address the technical issues immediatelyand ensure that there are no more breakdowns for the optimal functioning of the unit. We take the necessary measures to increase the life span of the cooling and heating systems for our discerning clientele.We also prepare a proper schedule to keep the system clean from time to time. Our cleaners undertake check-ups of the chillers and heaters before the cleaning job as well as after the cleaning process has concluded. We keep a stock of repair and maintenance parts handy so that our clients do not have to wait too long to resume their pool activities.

Other Tips to Beat the Heatin Your Pools

Besides having the chiller system installed, there are other simple techniques that one can practice to cool the pool’s temperature.

  • Water features like a small fountain in the middle of the poolensures that the water is continuously flowing and it helps to reduce the heat thereby lowering the temperature.
  • Do not surround the pool with tall trees of shrubs that obstruct the flow of air. Let the pool breathe fresh air for it to remain cooler.
  • Pool covers can be effective to keep debris from falling into the water, but they trap heat and make the pool surface even more heated-up. Hence, pool covers shouldn’t be used in Dubai temperatures.

So what are you waiting for? Call us today and get a quote from our technicians on your water chiller or heater installation and maintenances.

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