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The pool pump is the heart of the swimming pool’s circulation system and plays an important role in keeping the swimming pool clean and maintain the level of water. The pump is made up of three components which are; the motor, the impeller & hair, and the lint trap. What the pump does is that it pulls the water from the pool to the skimmer and drain area, navigates it to the filter area, and returns the clean water to the pool. This makes it absolutely vital for the pool to have its pump functioning optimally at all times.

The pump motor is an electrical device that uses between 110 to 220 volts of electricity. A part of the motor is exposed to the environment, to avoid it from being heated up. However, the cooling vents on the pump should be kept in a way to avoid water from entering the case. At the end shaft of the motor, one can locate the impeller. The impeller plays an important role in pulling water towards itself through the hair and lint trap and pushes it into the filter through the pipe. The impeller has small openings that may get clogged with debris. Therefore one must keep a regular check on the pressure readings of the gauge at the top of the filter. If the reading is lower than the recommended level, and if you notice that the water which is flowing back into the pool has decreased, then the impeller may either be clogged or damaged and you must call Bossneo for immediate help. We will be at your disposal as soon as possible and check the impeller carefully to determine the trouble area.

The pump also has a peculiar hair and lint trap that further prevent debris from entering the impeller assembly. This system also comprises of a basket, which needs to be checked and emptied twice a week. If the basket gets clogged, the water flowing into the pump gets restricted and instead of water, the pump would release air. This could lead to serious damage to the motor, as it would be pressured to perform faster and lead to burnout. Therefore Bossneo creates a proper schedule to clean the pump and keep all the components of the pump in working condition.

Some of the common causes of damage to swimming pool pumps occur when:

The Pump is made to run without water:

Swimming pool pumps should never be run without there being any water in the pool. This will cause the pump to overheat and cause unnecessary damage. This may even affect the lid and basket components of the pump. If you ever notice the pump is running dry, immediately turn it off and call for Bossneo technicians, to help you out.

The Water level of the pool is inadequate:

If the water level is below a certain proportion and does not quite reach the skimmer, then the pump may become dry and lose prime. Bossneo suggests pool owners adhere to a brief inspection every now and then to check for adequate water levels.

The skimmer basket gets overfull:

The function of the skimmer basket is to collect the debris and eliminate them before it clogs the pump and interferes with its smooth functioning. When the skimmer basket is overloaded with debris it causes havoc to the system. The debris from the skimmer can jam the suction line and the pump will be unable to collect unclean water and make it clean again for use. Therefore before any of this happens, the skimmer basket needs to be cleaned by professional experts like us at Bossneo.

Crack in the pump:

For some reason, a crack may be developed in the lid of the pump. This does not directly affect the functioning of the pump immediately. However, over a period of time the crack may take in more air than usual, which may cause the pump to dry out. This can put strain on the pump’s functioning and lead to excessive heating which may reduce the overall life expectancy of the pump.

Missing pump O-Ring:

Once the pump basket is emptied and cleaned, the lid o-ring is sometimes forgotten to be placed back in its position. This happens quite often and is a common error if pool owners try to DIY themselves. This will cause the pump to pull in the air rather than water and cause damage to its functioning.

Other causes of damage:

Besides the usual broken baskets, missing o-rings, clogged impellers or diffusers, and cracked volutes, the pump gets damaged due to other reasons. This could be anything from voltage issues to plants blocking the passage, to wrongly fitted components. Whatever the concern is, Bossneo can handle the problem with ease within minimal timelines.

Once the problem is detected call us to determine whether the pump needs to be repaired or replaced.

Repairing the pump makes sense when:

  • The cost of repairing the motor or other components is lesser than the total cost of replacing the pump.
  • The motor of the pump is comparatively new, i.e. less than 5 years old.
  • You wish to avoid getting any plumbing work done on the pump.

Replacing your pump works when:

  • The pump does not meet the adequate pressure guidelines. Changing an oversized pump motor to a lower horsepower can work by reducing pressure, improving energy efficiency, and increasing overall flow. Sometimes the undersized motor may not be able to function optimally and clear the pool of debris. Hence, the motor may need to be replaced with a greater horsepower motor.
  • The motor has failed several times and you are spending too much money on a more than 5 year old pump.

Please do not try to fix the pump issues by yourself or take any unsolicited advice from other pool owners. Our technicians are well-trained and certified to work on your swimming pool repair and maintenance issues. Just give Bossneo a call and our in-house experts will reach your facility as soon as possible.

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