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Closing your pool during off-season is a good idea. Water expands and evaporates if the weather conditions are not appropriate. To avoid this, the pool needs to be covered with a layer of external surface to avoid damage. Our technicians follow a systematic step by step process to close your pools carefully. Our service involves lowering the water level, adding any chemicals if needed, removing all external fittings, and installing the cover properly. When it's time to get back in action, our team will undertake the pool opening procedures and yet again make it suitable for a safe swim.

Pool Closing Services: Protect your pools and restore its life

Bossneo’sPool closingincludes a methodical series of steps to be actioned with precision by the hands of a professional. Our pool closing service includes:

Removing debris from the pool:

The first step to closing a pool is to cleanthe pool surface and ensure that it is free of unadulterated substances. By using a skimmer or a net our technicians collect all the dried-up leaves, particles of hair, floating insects, and other debris from the surface of the water to ensure that it does not remain as is when the pool is going for a close.

Vacuuming the pool:

The next step we undertake is to vacuum your pools. This is done to ensure that no amount of debris is remaining in the pool. After vacuuming, we brush the pool thoroughly to remove stains from the pool walls, so that the pools are left in proper condition before proceeding further.

Balance the water chemistry:

Usually,before closing the pool, the pool water levels are reduced. Complete drainage may not be required. Our technicians at Bossneo add the appropriate amount of chlorine or non-chlorine substanceto bring the pH levels within the appropriate range. Along with this, some amount of algaecide is added to prevent the outburst of algaewhile the pool is closed.

Backwash to clean the filter:

The cartridge filter is removed and washed thoroughly with a pool cleaner or muriatic acid solution. For the sand filter, either a cleaner is used or we use the backwash technique to remove particles stuck to it. This is a good time to replace the old-cartridges with a new one if required.

Remove all pool accessories:

Leaving all the swimming pool accessoriesthe wayit is during pool closuremay cause them to get damaged due to corrosion and chemical reaction. These accessories if not removed, may also come in the way and not allow the pool to be completely covered. Hence, our technicians undertake the task to disassemble all pool accessories like ladders, lights, handrails, deck equipment, etc. Once the accessories are removed, they need to be cleaned and driedthoroughly. Once this is done, they should be stored in a safe place where the climatic conditions do not affect them.

Installation of the pool cover:

Swimming pool covers provide utmostsafety to the pools from any kind of debris, insects, pollutants, or being affected by adverse weather conditions. Bossneo helps clients choose the right kind of pool cover taking into consideration factors like price and suitability. Mainly there are three types of pool covers available in the market such as; the solid pool cover, automatic pool cover, and the mesh pool cover. Each of these has their own advantages and drawbacks. However, our experienced technicians are well-versed in helping pool owners choose the most appropriate pool cover for their needs.

Pool Opening Services:

Seamless uncovering of your pool Just as Bossneo technicians are pro at covering your pools, they are equally equipped to uncover your pools and ready them for you to dip right in. Our pool opening process includes:

Drain and clean the pool cover:

Whatever type of cover is installed, our Bossneo technicians first remove the water from the cover properly before uncovering it. We then follow this up by blowing some air through a blower to remove leaves and debris fallen on the cover. This will ensure that thedebrisdoes not fall intoRemoval of pool cover:

Removal of pool cover:

The pool cover is carefully removed by the hands of our experienced technicians. We see to it that the cover is not damaged, as it needs to be rolled and reused in the future.

Bring the water level to its appropriate capacity:

The water levels that had been reduced is now restored to its normal capacity. We may use a garden hose for this purpose. The ideal water level should reach upto halfway of the skimmer basket.

Fit the pool accessories and equipment:

The pool accessories like ladder, lights, handrails, andequipment like filter, pump & heater, need to be fitted back in its place. This ensures that there are no surprises once the pool is up and running as before.

Turning on the system:

Once the pool equipment and accessories are installed, our Bossneo technicians turn on the power to get the circulation and filtration systems back running. If the filter consists of an air filter valve, we ensure that the air is allowed to blow out and then allowed to run.

Ensure the pool chemistry is up to the mark:

We allow the circulatory system to function for a few hours and then our technicianscheck the pH levels of the pool. Appropriate amounts of chlorine and other essential chemicals are added to keep the pool water healthy and safe.

Allow the filter to run:The filter will remove any debris or dirt in the pool if left to run overnight.

So what are you waiting for? Pick up your phones and call our customer service team today! We will be happy to visit your premise and give you a competitive quote for your pool closure and opening work.

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