Swimming Pool Light

Pool lighting accentuates the beauty of your outdoor amenity and gives it a rather sophisticated appeal. Imagine enjoying a relaxed swim after a hard day at workin the perfect lighting ambience to destress your mind and body. Home Zen is fully equipped to handle any kind of lighting installation or repair work for its discerning clientele.

There are mainly three options of Pool lighting to choose from depending on your suitability. One can opt for either the Incandescent, Halogen,or LED lighting offered by Home Zen.

Incandescent lighting

These are not as expensive as the other lighting counterparts. The incandescent bulbs heat up easily and tend to leave a greenish look on the pool surface. These do not last that long and one would need to change it at-least twice a year depending on its usage. The frequent need to change the lighting, could ultimately work out to be costlier and therefore it is not much favoured by pool owners today.

Halogen Lighting

The halogen bulb has a longer lifespan compared to the incandescent lighting and uses 20% less energy when it is lit.Halogen lights run on halogen gas and operate at high temperatures. However, the bulbs do not last too long and hence it is an outdated option.

LED Lights

LED lighting is the latest technology in lighting and is widely used for in pool lighting. LED lights are also used for lighting the area surrounding the pool. LED lights consume the least energy and are long lasting. These lights are available in endless color options and even operate on smart lighting technology. LEDs are capable of illuminating the areas for over 50,000 hours. Longer duration and low consumption of electricity gives LED lighting an added benefit.

Home Zen’s underwater pool lighting powered by fibre-optic technology provides more than mere functionality. It’sexquisite features compliments the pool and its surroundings giving it an absolute luxe appeal. At the touch of a button, pool owners can set the right tone and match the color to their mood. The innumerable color options can get a pool party started on one hand orcreate a soothing vibe when needed on the other. Pool lighting can alsomake the water appear to be of different colors by simply changing the LED settings, thus making the pool appear different under different lighting settings.

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