Pool Filtering

Pool filters play an important role in maintaining the health of the swimming pool. Filters make it possible to swim in transparent and healthy water without irritating the skin or eyes. Since our bodies absorb a large amount of water through the skin, it is absolutely necessary to reduce dirt and other harmful chemicals in the pool as much as possible. Here the pool filtration plays a key role.

There are three types of filters available namely; sand filtration, cartridge filtration, and diatomaceous earth (D.E.) filters. Every filter has its own unique pros and cons, but ultimately all of them function the same way. The process starts when the pump forces water through the skimmers that reach the filters. When the water flows through the filter, the dirt particles are captured and only the clean water is dispersed back into the pool.

Therefore, the quality of filter matters and it is absolutely necessary for the filter to remain clean and healthy at all points in time. If the filtration is functioning optimally, the pool’s pressure is kept at a proper level and the pool’s wear and tear is minimized. The filtered water also requires lesser amounts of chemical usage to kill germs and disinfect the pool.

The filter system needs to be cleaned at regular intervals by trained professionals like us at Bossneo to extend the life of the filter. The cartridge filter needs to be washed every week under high-pressure with the help of a hose pipe. Any residue dirt that remains on the filter then has to be wiped with a soft brush.

In general, most pools need a through filter cleaning every 2 to 3 times each year by trained technicians. The frequency of cleaning also depends on other factors like the size of the pool, type of filter, usage of the pool, and the frequency of algae outbreaks.

To help you keep your filters clean, Bossneo offers a complete Filter Clean and Inspection service for all types of filters. Bossneo’s trained technicians are deployed at your facility to inspect the health of the filter and other elements of the cartridge. A thorough cleaning is undertaken to wash-off all dirt and debris that could be clogging the filters. After the cleaning process is complete, Bossneo technicians reassemble the filter and inspect each part to make sure everything is back in its place and functioning effectively.

Here is the detailed step-wise procedure that our technicians follow to carefully handle and clean each type of pool filter

Cleaning a Sand Pool Filter

  • We first backwash the filter for 5 to 7 minutes to remove all kinds of debris.
  • The next step is to turn off the pump and turn on the filter valve.
  • The strainer lid of the pump is now removed.
  • We pour the special sand filter cleaner in the strainer basket and replace the lid of the pump.
  • After this stage, the pump is turned on for about 15 seconds, allowing the cleaner to move from the pump to the filter.
  • It is time to allow the solution to rest for about 8 hours after turning off the pump.
  • Post the resting period, we turn on the filter for 5 to 7 minutes again to remove any kind of sediments that are still stuck to the filter.
  • The filter is then turned back on and your pool is as clean as it could possibly be, ready for a head-on dive.

Cleaning a D.E. Pool Filer

  • The first step our technicians perform is similar to that of the Sand Pool Filter, which is to backwash the filter to 5 to 7 minutes to get rid of debris.
  • The pump is then turned off and the air relief valve is opened.
  • We then remove the drain pump and wait for the water to drain out from the filter tank.
  • The clamps of the filter are unlocked and the manifold and grids are removed.
  • The bear tank is now exposed and we clean it with a garden hose.
  • The manifold is cleaned thoroughly in the following manner. With the help of a spray nozzle, we flush water in the proper direction on the grid to get rid of unwanted substances.
  • A D.E. filter cleaner is used to further cleans the system and it is then left untouched for sometime.
  • We rinse the filter grid and wash-off the D.E. cleaning solution thoroughly.
  • The grid is placed back on the tank.
  • We then prime the pool and proceed to remove the strainer basket lid.
  • A flow of water is flushed through the incoming line.
  • The O-ring inside the tank is then lubricated evenly.
  • The air relief valve is opened to release the excess air from the filter tank.
  • The pump is turned on and the air relief valve is closed again when the water comes out.
  • D.E. powder is mixed with water to make a slurry creamy mixture solution and poured into the skimmer after the pump has been turned on.
  • The pool pump is left to run for 30 minutes to allow the solution to work its way to the filter grid.
  • The D.E filter is now free from all types of adulterations and will function optimally as if it were brand new.

We have seen how important it is to keep the filters clean and working to its optimal capacity. As soon as you notice slightly cloudy or dirty water, you can contact Bossneo and hand over your concerns to our abled technicians. We enjoy cleaning your pools and taking away your worrisome thoughts about the having to use excessive chemicals to kill germs in the pool which could adversely affect your health in the bargain. Since the filters need to be physically removed, treated, and properly secured back again, a DIY method could not work and could do more harm than good. If you haven’t had your regular Pool Filter cleaning done, it’s time to schedule your appointment with Bossneo today.

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