Swimming Pool Draining and Refilling Services in Dubai

The pool water needs to be emptied for either regular cleaning work or to enable repair of the pool efficiently.

The Home Zen is at your disposal to cater to all pool cleaning and maintenance services at your doorstep. Depending on the intensity of the pool repair work, our technicians will decide to either empty the entire pool water or to drain just a part of it to facilitate the repair work. The pool draining process is done best when it is handled by experts. Rather than experimenting by oneself, pool-owners should leave the job to professionals like us, as any minor mishandling can cause more damage to the pool and simply lead to spending more money.

  • Why Pool Draining Is Important

    For a thorough filtration and cleansing process of the pool, the pool needs to be drained and refilled. The Home Zen recommends its clients to replace the water of the pool every 5 to 8 years to maintain the freshness of the pool water and keep it unadulterated. The frequency of draining your pool also depends on other factors, like how often the pool is being used. Dirty water can make you sick and cause skin problems. The chemically imbalanced murky water can produce algae, deposit calcium on the walls of the pool, and develop foul odor making it absolutely unpleasant. Moreover, substances like dead skin, hair, oil, etc, dissolved in the pool water interfere with the filtration system and fail to allow it to perform its function optimally.

    When the murky water gets too old, say about 5 to 8 years, it starts to damage the plaster of the pool. This is due to the unnecessary mineral deposits that affect the tiled walls which then settle down in tiny crevices of the pool. The Home Zen highly recommends cleaning the water of the pool as it is economical to run a draining process every now and then, rather than waiting to fix the pool when the damage is already done.

    We cannot reiterate on the fact that how important it is to seek expert help for the draining process and undertake it only when it is necessary at the end of the given interval. If the correct protocol is not followed, the harm done to the pool and yourself could be manifold.

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