Swimming Pool Annual Maintenance Services in Dubai

Home Zen is your premier Pool Care partner and we are committed to facilitating a complete range of pool maintenance and repair services through the hands of our professional technicians. We treat your facility as our own and ensure restoring the health of your pool. As your expert, reliable, and innovative swimming pool partner, we are passionate in keeping your pools up and running all year round.

  • Acid Wash

    Say goodbye to those stubborn stains that refuse to leave the surface of your pool or fountain. The only remedy to get rid of this unappealing sight is to get a timely acid wash treatment provided by genuine pool care providers like us. We make use of specialized tools and equipment necessary to safely drain your pools, clean it & neutralize its chemical balance till it looks new again. We recommend our clients to get the acid wash treatment done only when it is required to avoid the corrosion of your pool due to the removal of plaster from the tiles.

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  • Pool Filtering

    The swimming pool filter has an important role to play. It keeps your water circulating, removes debris, and eliminates dirt. To keep your swimming pool filter functioning at optimal performance it needs proper maintenance at defined intervals by hiring an efficient swimming pool maintenance service in Dubai. We provide timely filter cleansing services to ensure that the pool water remains unadulterated at all times. We are experts at maintaining all types of filters namely, D.E filters, cartridge filters, and sand filters. Our technicians will visit your premise and give the filter the necessary treatment it deserves. Normally we carefully unfix the filter, clean it with water & solution, and assemble the filter to fasten it securely back in its place.
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  • Pool Leakage

    A swimming pool leak is difficult to detect and before pool owners may even figure it out, they would have lost gallons of water in vain. The water loss causes your pool to get empty quickly and requires frequent filling. Common areas of pool leaks occur around the drain area, near light fixtures, and the tiles joining the base and the side walls. We offer exclusive swimming pool leak detection and repair service to save wastage of water and money. We make use of superior leak detection equipment to make this process absolutely painless. Simply call our experts providing best pool maintenance in Dubai to fix the leak whether it is a big crack or a small hole.

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  • Pump Repair

    The pump of your swimming pool is like the heart of the system. It is vital to keep the pump in good shape to keep the entire pool healthy and safe for use. The pump makes sure that the water in the pool is navigated to the filter where it is cleaned and the contamination is eliminated. Filtered clean water then pumps back into the pool and makes it fit for a swim. In-case your pump is damaged or the motor is not functioning to its optimal potential, you can count on our expert technicians to fix the issue. Our trained team understands how the pump works and can quickly pinpoint any fault in its functioning. After diagnosing the problem, leave it to our abled technicians to fix it in a jiffy.

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  • Swimming pool Lights

    Swimming pool lighting not only increases the aesthetic appeal of the pool, but also makes swimming after sunset a pleasurable experience. There are a range of swimming pool lighting fixtures that are available in different sizes and materials having their own specifications. The lights need to be chosen carefully to ensure that they are water proof and corrosion resistant. Our technicians help in choosing superior quality lighting and installing the fixtures in your swimming pool. Another important factor to consider is the energy efficiency that the lighting system offers. We personally prefer picking LED lights for our clients as they are extremely energy efficient, last long, and look great. Some trendy LED lights have over 250 shades of color which can be changed through a remote control or an app to match the mood of the swimmer.

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  • Pool Drain

    A pool drainage and cleaning is required when substantial dirt gets collected in the pool or the algae stains refuse to leave the wall surfaces. And when this happens you should be looking for a pool cleaning service in Dubai. The normal practice is to drain the pool and treat it after every 3 years. Our service technicians will visit the premise and will check for defects in the pool and determine whether the pool needs to be cleaned & drained. As your pool ages, a pool drainage should be accompanied by an acid wash treatment. This chemical treatment includes removing a thin layer of pool surface and exposing it to a fresh layer to eliminate harmful metal & mineral deposits. The pool drainage is a delicate process and if not done correctly may do more harm than fix the damage. Our technicians have assimilated rich experience over the years and have the exact know-how to handle the process efficiently.

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  • Pool Closing

    Closing your pool during off-season is a good idea. Water expands and evaporates if the weather conditions are not appropriate. To avoid this, the pool needs to be covered with a layer of external surface to avoid damage. Our technicians follow a systematic step by step process to close your pools carefully. Our service involves lowering the water level, adding any chemicals if needed, removing all external fittings, and installing the cover properly. When it's time to get back in action, our team will undertake the pool opening procedures and yet again make it suitable for a safe swim.

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  • AMC Packages

    We also offer Annual Maintenance Packages (AMC) to our clients to wash away their stress. We have adopted ethical techniques for maintenance of your pools which not only meet, but also exceed the safety and hygiene standards certified by the authorities. We undertake regular inspection of your pool which includes checking the level of water in the pool and observing the color of the water to see if it hasn't turned musky. Post the inspection report, an appropriate treatment is prescribed for your pool. Our pool technicians thereafter proceed with undertaking any repair work required for the pool and leave it cleaned & chemically balanced.
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  • Water Chiller

    A favorable swim can be enjoyed only when the temperature of the pool water is ideal for your body. We recommend installing an advanced cooling system to your pool to cool down the temperature of the water during the sprawling hot summer season in Dubai. Our technicians would advise you on the most suitable water chiller system depending on your pool size and budget restrictions. Other important factors that we consider while installing the system are; the consistency in performance and energy efficiency. We will do whatever it takes to keep your pool water cool that allows you a pleasurable swim.

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