Expert Acid Washing for residential and commercial pools in Dubai

Pool owners often complain of algae or substance build up on the pool side walls and flooring making it rather an unpleasant sight to look at. As the pool begins to age, its upkeep assumes even greater importance and dedicated manly efforts.

To make your pools look brand new in a matter of time, you must treat it to an acid wash cleansing process which helps remove dirty stains, algae and, chlorine build-up from the walls of the pool to give it a refreshing vibe.

Superior Pool Care Service

Bossneo is your premier Pool Care partner and we are committed to facilitating a complete range of pool maintenance services through the hands of our professional technicians. We treat your facility as our own and ensure restoring the health of your pool.

The Need For Acid Washing

Say goodbye to those stubborn stains that refuse to leave the surface of your pool or fountain. The only remedy to get rid of this unappealing sight is to get a timely acid wash treatment provided by genuine pool care providers like us. We make use of specialized tools and equipment necessary to safely drain your pools, clean it & neutralize its chemical balance till it looks new again. We recommend our clients to get the acid wash treatment done only when it is required to avoid the corrosion of your pool due to the removal of plaster from the tiles.

Acid Wash on Particular Surfaces

Acid washing is not suitable for all types of surfaces. Especially if the surface is made up of vinyl, fiber-glass, acrylic, or painted, an acid wash is not appropriate. Pool owners must know exactly what their pool surface is made up of, before deciding to book an acid wash treatment. Simply passing the eligibility test does not make your pools eligible for an acid wash. One needs to see to it that the surface is not too old, that is, it should be less than 8 years old and the surface should not have any cracks or hollows in it. Bossneo first deploys trained professionals to check the capacity of your pool and its ability to withstand an acid wash treatment. Only after our technicians give a go-ahead, do we perform the acid wash treatment.

Is Acid Washing Safe?

Bossneo recommends pool owners to opt for an acid wash treatment only as a last option for multiple reasons. Firstly, acid washing is a very tedious process and can damage the structure of the pool if done unnecessarily. The treatment requires intensive materials and utmost care while using the chemicals. Over acid washing can happen when the acid is left on the surface of the pool walls for too long. This can cause the plaster to chip-off and damage the pool. Hence the risk factor associated with acid washing is greater as compared to the regular stain removal treatment. However, our trained technicians have the right know-how and take all precautionary measures before proceeding with the acid wash treatment.

What Happens During Swimming Pool Acid Wash Process?

The first step is to identify whether your pool really needs an Acid Wash treatment or just regular cleaning will suffice. Look for signs like your water turning green or black and murky before calling for professional help. Pool owners should not try to skim the layer of plaster by themselves or use acid as this could injure you and damage the pool further.

Our Acid Washing Technique Includes:

  1. Draining the pool entirely and simultaneously scrub the surface to remove algae & leaves. This is followed by spraying water on the surface of the walls & floor with the help of a water nozzle and cleaning the drain area.
  2. Our technicians put on protective clothing, wear rubber boots, goggles, and a breathing mask that sustains acid fumes.
  3. We prepare a solution by mixing muriatic acid with precise amount of water.
  4. The walls of the pool are moistened and sprayed with the acid solution. We start with the deep end of the pool first and then move to the shallow side. The acid solution is left to sit for 30 seconds and then the surface is scrubbed with an acid brush.
  5. A thorough rinse is done to remove the solution from the surface before it starts to damage or burn the plaster.
  6. Once this is done, we neutralize the pool immediately to remove all the residue from the pool surface.
  7. The final step is to again rinse the plaster until it is evident that the pool surface has no chemical residue on it. And then we are done! You will be pleasantly surprised at the sight and won’t be able to take your eyes off your refreshing new pool.

At Bossneo we adhere to quick turnaround time and guarantee top-notch quality work. Our systematic approach to any type of pool care service helps us to ensure that the pools are kept flawlessly clean. We leave your facility in proper shape and perfect condition, allowing you to enjoy a pleasurable dip right after we are done with the work. We enjoy doing our job and place our client’s requirements before ours.

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