Kitchen Wrapping In Dubai

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Whether you want to refurbish your old kitchen or want to add an additional layer of protection to your newly installed modular kitchens, we are at your service. is a Dubai-based company catering to end-to-end Kitchen Wrap services to suit the needs of large, as well as tight kitchen spaces. Our fully customizable Kitchen Wrap service, ensures that our clients get the best installation by having a say in choosing the type of Vinyl material, texture, and color as per their preferences. Our highly efficient workforce of professional installers are certified and have an expert hand at installing the Vinyl Wrap in your kitchens without creating any mess. Every project is important to us and is overseen by a dedicated Project Manager who ensures the seamless execution of wrap designs in a timely manner.

Our endeavour is to revamp kitchen wrapping in Dubai by transforming them into elegant spaces with enhanced function and durability. We know how mundane it could get looking at the standard traditional palette on your kitchen countertops. To introduce a pleasant change, we offer a range of pleasing color options and surface textures which not only look appealing, but are also easy to maintain.



  • Refurbish Your Kitchens with custom-made Kitchen Wrapping:

    Classy Kitchen Cabinet Wrap 

    Are your old cabinets wearing away due to ageing? Is the hot Sharjah weather acting up and causing your kitchen cabinets to look stained? We reckon it’s time to give your cabinets a much-needed makeover by approaching our executives for Kitchen Wrapping in Sharjah. Why invest in a completely new set of cabinetries and undertake the hassle of un-shelfing the stored kitchen essential bottles & jars, when there is an easier option? Our classy range of Cabinet Wrapping is used to laminate the Kitchen Cabinets and give them a smooth finish.

    Choose to wrap your cabinetry with solid colors or give it a metallic look to match your kitchen countertops, the decision is yours. Another noteworthy mention about Vinyl Wrapping is that it easily mimics the look of different surfaces. Your Kitchen cabinets can be made to appear metallic, wooden, matte, glossy, or concretized, without having to spend oodles of money on buying expensive stones & materials. Once you have made up your mind on the type of look you prefer, leave the installation part to us. Our installers have a steady hand and are experts in applying the Cabinetry Wrap directly on the surface & doors of the cabinets to transform its look almost instantly.

    We use superior quality wrapping that is engineered to withstand the test of time and even the harshest of weather conditions without leading to color fading or peel offs. If you plan to move in to a new home, or decide to get your kitchen re-renovated, you can pull-off the Vinyl Wrap without leaving any evidence of damage or residue on the cabinet’s surface.    

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  • Premium Kitchen Countertop Wrap

     Kitchen Countertops are the most used surfaces in your homes, and are highly exposed to all kinds of drama. Day in, day out, the countertops have to bear the load of hot vessels, harsh chopping boards, and vibration from electric mixers. Since it is subject to rampant usage, there are good chances for your countertops to deteriorate sooner than usual, making them look depreciated. Replacing your old countertops is a very costly affair. But we have an apt solution for you.

    Wrapping Kitchen Countertops is very popular and is the most economical option to invite a pleasant change to your kitchen décor. Our design experts will come over to your house to inspect the existing kitchen counters and suggest options for upgrading them. We carry a catalogue to our home visits and suggest various design options to match the theme of your kitchen interiors.

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  • A sneak-peek into what’s trending in our Catalogue:

    • Solid Color Wraps
    • Metallic texture Wraps
    • Glittery texture wraps
    • Natural stone wraps
    • Marble texture wraps
    • Wood grain wraps
    • Fabric texture wraps
    • Modular granite textured wraps

    When wrapping your countertops, our technicians directly apply Vinyl Wrapping material on the surface and neatly seal the edges so that it gives a very natural look. Backsplash wrap is also available for tiled area between the countertops and upper cabinet space of your kitchen.

    The Vinyl materials used by us is of superior grade which have passed the test of time & stress. Installing them in your kitchens guarantee scratch proof surfaces that remain damage free for decades to come. They are also heat resistant to support the Masterchef in you. Even if you place a boiling hot pan of oil on the surface of the Vinyl countertop, it won’t show any sign of blemish. You have to see it for yourself, to believe us!

    Our extensive range of Vinyl wrapping options for kitchen countertops will leave you confused as to which one to pick. Each design outdoes the other and its hard to set your heart on ‘the one’. Our ‘black marble’ wrap is a best seller amongst home owners looking for kitchen wrapping in Ajman, Sharjha, and Dubai. The black marble stands out accentuating the beauty of the kitchen giving it a very posh look. And of course, the ‘white marble’ wrapping is a classic, and you can’t wrong with it. It fuses perfectly with the kitchen cabinets, tiles and wall color adding a positive vibrancy to the entire space. If marble is not your favourite preference, you can opt to have your Vinyl countertops custom curated to appear in granite, stone, metal, concrete or wood.

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