Soft Landscaping

We at Home Zen partner with you to make beautiful outdoor spaces come to life. We are committed to providing cutting-edge landscaping solutions to our residential and commercial clients. Our entire range of landscaping portfolio includes designing to development and even maintenance of the landscaped spaces. With personalized service and keen attention to detailing, we deliver exceptional quality work within defined timelines. Our landscaping experts are trained tohelp clients choose the best possiblebackyard and front yard solutions.

Landscape Maintenance Service

Maintain the beauty of your landscaped property all-year-round by availing Bossneo’s landscape maintenance service. Our caregivers look after your turf, trees, plants, and shrubs to enhance the appeal of your green outdoor spaces. Our team starts off by preparing a service schedule and tends to your outdoor spaces at regular intervals, so that you can focus on more important things. You can also approach us to run errands such as keepingsidewalks, walls, and decksin proper shape.

Weeding and Pest-protection

Our reliable green hands work towards regular trimming and weeding activity to improve the overall health of the landscaped space. Our organic fertilization and environmental-friendly pest-control service aim to treat plants and keep them green, fresh, strong and safe from unwanted predators, day in and day out.

Weather Preparedness

Dubai’s weather can be unpredictable at times and this can adversely affect the quality of the crops and cause havoc on the landscaped land. Rainfall, wind, and too much heat may lead to scattered leaves, loose branches, and slippery surfaces. However, with Home Zen’s commitment and prompt service, our technicians will reach your premise even before you try to reach out to them. Our damage aversion plan consists of minimizing risk to save money and time.

Landscape Renovation

Every landscaped property needs renovation depending onhow well the upkeep was taken care of all through the years. While some landscapes may need a renovation every 10 years, the others may need to be renovated after a 15 year interval. The renovation plan is prepared as per the requirements of the customer. Our designers can restore the original look of your landscapes on request, or give an upgraded makeover to the surfaces. We see to it that the renovation work is done with minimal damage and disruption to the property, well within the defined timelines.

Water Management and Irrigation

Home Zen’s water management planning starts right at the stage where we pay careful attention to the type of plant that needs to be planted in your backyards. We choose plants that are suitable to the Dubai temperatures,that have a cooling effect on the surface, and need minimal water for their growth& survival. Our skilled technicians also group the plants according to their water requirementcapacity and soil type. We adopt a smart irrigation technology system to keep the water consumption to its minimal capacity and one that does not require too much of an investment. The special irrigation system is designed to prevent overwatering of plants using smart sprinkler controllers which can be adjusted as per the weather conditions. This process will ultimately play a big role in keeping the plants healthy, robust, and increase the life expectancy of the greens.

Hedging Plants

The selection of plants plays an important role to determine the health of the hedge. Especially for hedging, plants that grow slower than others need to be chosen, so that it doesn’t require much tending and outgrow the borders. Hedges add a kind of neat outline to the landscaped spaces and protect the property from intruders. It also protects the other delicate flowering plants from strong winds, rain, and other adverse climate conditions.

Nursery Trees and Flowering Plants

Local gardeners and nurseries may not have the know-how tofollow the prerequisites required before planting trees and flowering plants. Bossneo studies the land type and selects the most appropriate variety of tree and flowering plant from our trusted plant vendors that we have tied-up with. Flowering plants need special care and attention. Besides the regular watering, mulching, pruning, and fertigation, the flowering plants need regular deadheading. Deadheading basically involves removing old flowers to make room for new flowers. This encourages the plant to keep producing newerflowers.

Statement Planting

A statement plant is one that enhances the appeal of the landscaped gardens and creates a certain ‘wow’ factor. The plant’s bright colour andpiacular shape catches the eye of the visitor and demands a second glance. Even the texture is unique and the velvety feel on the leaves gives the plant a sophisticated appeal. The position of the statement plant in the garden or backyard area should be planned meticulously. Our technicians will take over and transform your spaces into mesmerizing spaces.
Consider your gardens being covered.Along with the above services, we alsoundertake miscellaneous installations like gazebos, garden lights, wooden features, pergolas, barbecue pits etc. Being one of the most preferred landscaping companies in Dubai, Bossneo provides a comprehensive landscaping services.

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