Pots And Pebbles in Dubai

Home Zen has a varied collection of pots, pebbles and planters which add a unique appeal to your gardens. This method of growing plants is called container gardening and it is mostly adopted by homeowners who have to manage their greens within tight spaces available in urban cities. Container gardening can also be used to enhance the beauty of your backyards, front yards, and outdoor recreational spaces. Bossneo’s container gardening adds versatility to your spaces by showcasing vibrant colored flowering plants to match your personality and mood.

Express your artistic side with container gardening by choosing pots of different sizes, colours, materials, and finishes to compliment the beautiful flowering varieties of plants. The added advantage is that it requires minimal maintenance and still looks stunningly gorgeous.

Our gardening experts are trained to make adequate utilization of space by placing the pots wherever possible, i.e on the ground, on a pedestal, wall mountings or window seals. The proper arrangements of pots on stairways, terraces, or anywhere in the garden area can follow a symmetric pattern or be alternatively arranged in rows with small and large pots placed besides each other.

  • Pots and Pebbles

    To add color and character to your lawns and indoor spaces, we recommend our clients to explore container gardening. We offer a wide range of pots and planters in a range of different sizes, colors, and artistic expressions to suit the personality and pockets of our clients. This type of gardening requires minimal maintenance and is especially suitable for balconies, tight lawn spaces, and indoor apartments. Though it requires minimal maintenance, one has to ensure that the roots don’t outgrow the pots. Our gardeners take the responsibility to trim the roots in time and transfer the plant to a larger sized pot if required. We ensure that our clients opt for the correct size and material of the pot to make it favorable to withstand the weather conditions, without restricting the growth process.

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