Irrigation System

A picture-perfect pleasing landscape garden or backyard lawn for your homes is not possible without a proper irrigation system. Therefore, it is important to choose a reliable irrigation installation and maintenance partner. If you are planning to DIY, it may take great effort and time and not even get the job done satisfactorily. Home Zen offers one of the best irrigation installation and design services in Dubai. Simply approach us and share your requirements with us and we will be happy to help you.

What is the need for a proper irrigation system?

Irrigation is basically applying controlled amount of water to plants at regular intervals. Irrigation helps to improve the quality of the shrubs & plants, maintain landscapes, and keep the soil moist in hot & dry areas. Here are a few reasons why one needs to approach professionals like Home Zen to get an irrigation system designed and installed.

To keep the landscapes in perfect shape

For any artistically designed landscape it is advised to keep it fresh and invigorated with the adequate amount of water which is supplied through a proper irrigation source. Without water, the landscape may lose its charm and look like more of a mess than have an appeal. Therefore a good irrigation system needs to be installed by trained irrigation experts like us at Home Zen to supply water at regular intervals without much hassle to the gardens. Watering manually becomes a rather tedious job and demands a certain level of commitment from the garden owners. Hence people prefer to install an automated or a semi-automated irrigation system to facilitate watering for your green spaces.

Cost-effective Solution

Home Zen’s irrigation-engineers set-up an affordable and reliable drip irrigation technology in your gardens. Drip irrigation is a method by which water is percolated in the soil at a very slow pace (2-20 liters/hour) through a narrow plastic pipe that has small outlets or drippers at regular intervals. In drip irrigation, water is applied at a much slower rate than the sprinkler irrigation system. With 90% accuracy rate, drip irrigation technology has proved to be an effective mechanism to deliver water and nutrients to the plants. The water is directly navigated to the roots so that the plant receives just the right amount of water for it to grow and remain healthy. Home Zen recommends drip irrigation for landscape gardening as it is convenient, cost-effective, and favorable for healthy plant life.

Advantages of using drip irrigation

  • This system works wonders for small to medium-sized gardens and each plant is watered adequately without neglecting any individual plant.
  • In drip irrigation, water reaches the roots directly so the chances for water evaporation or losing water due to run-off is eliminated.
  • The wooden fences or steel gates of the house are not affected due to the overspray of water which usually happens when the sprinkler technology is adopted.
  • The drip irrigation system can be modified according to the change in the number of plants that need to be watered. It can be easily expanded to irrigate more plants.
  • The system works on a regular AC or battery-powered controller.
  • This technology is convenient for people with a busy lifestyle.

Sprinkler Irrigation

With Home Zen’s sprinkler irrigation solution, you wouldn’t need to practice the old-fashioned way of gardening by having to drag a hose-pipe for the regular watering activity. Home Zen custom-designs your sprinkler system and carefully installs it in your backyards to keep your landscaped spaces refreshingly good. Our sprinkler design experts understand the exact specifications required for the success of the sprinkler system to function optimally. The sprinkler system basically sprays water into the air with force which then falls on the plant surfaces and covers quite a large distance due to the pressure. We help our clients by selecting the appropriate rotating nozzle size and pressure valves depending upon the type of soil, slope, percolation rate, etc. We also undertake sprinkler repair, upgrades, and maintenance service contracts.

Advantages of using the sprinkler irrigation system

  • This type of irrigation is suitable for all types of soils.
  • Works in spaces where the plants are densely grown over a considerably vast area.
  • The mechanism is water-efficient, as compared to the traditional garden hose method.
  • Areas which are at an elevation from the main water source can benefit from the sprinkler technology.
  • Preserves the soil’s nutrients by percolating only as much water as is required. Overwatering may lead the nutrients of the soil to wash off.
  • The plants grow quicker and look greener with the use of sprinkler-irrigation technology.

The other types of irrigation techniques we provide are; soaker hose irrigation similar to the drip irrigation technique and the rotor irrigation system which is similar to the sprinkler technique. We are committed to using the highest quality irrigation systems, materials, and installation techniques in order to conserve water and save cost.

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