Variety of Curtains We Have.

Sheer Curtains

Give your rooms a makeover by introducing a set of elegant Sheer Curtains to match the vibe of your homes. Our delicate sheers fall gently over the window frame and welcome warm sunlight into your rooms. At the same time, the fabric diffuses harsh rays of the sun and softens the natural light before it harms the furniture or flooring of your interiors. Engineered with the finest quality of polyester, our curtains are easy to manage such that any residual stain can be washed off with water & soap solution. When it’s time for a new set, these curtains can be machine-washed and dried effortlessly. They are also resistant to dust and wind blowing into your villas or high-raised apartment homes.

While these curtains are excellent at filtering daylight, they also protect the privacy of your family by providing an additional layer of insulation from any outside observation. Alternatively, sheers can also be used above any other thicker drape material to make a classy style statement and offer more privacy. Our fancy sheers come in different textures, effects, and patterns, such as wavy or ripples to enhance the charm of your spaces.

Eyelet curtains

If you are looking for a change from the normal flowy draperies, opting for an eyelet curtain would definitely invite a clean modern style. Eyelets hang effortlessly from the poles and run all the way to the floor making them appear crisp and neat. Larger folds with waves in between, give the eyelets a more streamlined look. Our eyelets are effortless to draw and require no curtain rings or hooks to be attached. They have metal or plastic rings fixed atop at regular distances and can be positioned in a way to maximize privacy & block the sun’s rays coming into the homes.Though these curtains have minimalistic expressions, the proper selection of fabric and color can accentuate the home décor by matching the overall theme of the room.

Customers can choose from amongst any of the fabric types; linen, silk, or velvet as they drape perfectly with every fold aligned evenly.The best part about these curtains is that they suit any pole type and make the room look formal. That’s the reason why many homeowners prefer to opt for our eyelet curtains. Our high-quality window eyelets also add insulation by absorbing heat, which is especially beneficial for the sprawling Dubai weather conditions.

Pleated Curtains

Create a romantic atmosphere in your bedrooms by opting for our luxurious pleated set of curtains. The meticulously sewn pleats of the curtain give them a neatly gathered look. These curtains are best adorned on windows that face neighborhoods and public spaces as they allow natural light to filter through the windows while also maintaining privacy. Our stunning range of pleated curtains come in different versions or variants. You can choose our collection of pinch pleats, box pleats, pencil pleats, or even tuxedo pleats. The pinch pleat type is the most preferred by our clients, where the pleats are pinched and stitched together at the bottom of the curtain to enable it to flow elegantly.

The selection of cool color variants and mosaic patterns on the curtains boost its aesthetic appeal and make the rooms stand out. Adding embellishment on the pleated curtains such as laces on the borders brightens up the pane no matter whether the windows are big or small. Pinch pleated draperies look best on a traverse rod with coordinated rings to allow the curtains to glide with ease. Simply machine washing or dry cleaning your drapes regularly can extend their life and free your home of unwanted dust, dirt, pet hair, and other allergens. Iron the pleats carefully after removing them from the dryer and press lightly if needed.

Motorized curtains

While the normal draperies come in different colors and fabrics, they might wear off over time leading to loss of shape & color. The motorized curtains designed by our textile design engineers are becoming a safe and trendy option amongst many homeowners. Our fully motorized curtain shades give homeowners a chance to raise and lower the curtains effectively at the press of a button. You would no more have to get out of your bed or exert your arms to tug on heavy window curtains. Motorized window blinds are cordless which makes them a safer option than regular fabric curtains, as fabric curtains may lead to some injury. These futuristic curtains are effective in filtering sunlight and protecting your home valuables from being damaged.

They can even be conveniently controlled via a smartphone app. Our motorized draperies are the best choice as their smooth tracks and low power consumption makes them a suitable choice. Since they are more durable, these curtains last longer and require very little maintenance effort. It carries a crisp, clean, & elegant look which enhances the appeal of the room. Our team of experts will guide you at each step from project curation to execution and will be happy to assist you through the maintenance process.

Bead Curtains & Metal Mesh

Give your rooms a touch of aristocracy and grace by choosing to suspend our lovely beaded curtains made with metal mesh. Popularly termed as ball chain curtains, fashionable colored metallic balls hang delicately from a string or a chain and adorn the window-panes. Metal curtains have the same functionality as normal fabric curtains. They are efficient in blocking light and prevent combustion. Generally, metals such as aluminum and stainless steel are used to make the curtains and are rust-free such that they do not cause problems of corrosion. Another advantage of the bead curtains is that they do not set on fire and burn like normal fabric curtains.

Their attractive variations in colors and shape make them suitable applications for room dividers, closet, and ceiling decorations, besides the basic window hangings. Even the circulation of air in the rooms may improve with the light beads dangling around gently by the force of the wind. Besides the metal balls, beads of different variants such as bamboo, wood, plastic, crystals, and shells also make for perfect thematic decor. You can also opt for our beaded disc-shaped curtains that can be used as fancy drapes and bed canopies that are capable of absorbing noise and reducing the disturbance while you drift into a deep sleep.

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