• Why choose artificial grass turf, instead of natural grass?

    Everyone loves to have some green surfaces around their homes and offices. The color green is said to have a calming effect on the mind and provide a refreshing break from the monotony. It also soothes the eyes and makes it possible for one to walk barefoot on the grass.

    One can feel a sense of connection to nature by walking on green grass as your feet soak up the morning dewdrops freshly settled on the grass. However wonderful this might sound, it is rather a time consuming and laborious job to maintain the grass in its natural form.

    Through different seasons, the grass needs to be treated differently to keep it fresh and prevent it from turning yellow. Regular maintenance requires daily watering the grass with an adequate amount of water, trimming the grass at intervals to avoid it from overgrowing, and adding organic chemicals to prevent it from being infested with rodents.

    The synthetic grass on the other hand does not require any maintenance. It basically serves the purpose of natural grass without having to put in any effort to keep it intact. The artificial grass has the same kind of bounce, texture, softness, and color as the natural grass and is a safe & hygienic alternative to the natural greens.