What is the need for a proper irrigation system?


What is the need for a proper irrigation system?

Irrigation is basically applying controlled amount of water to plants at regular intervals. Irrigation helps to improve the quality of the shrubs & plants, maintain landscapes, and keep the soil moist in hot & dry areas. Here are a few reasons why one needs to approach professionals like The Home Zen to get an irrigation system designed and installed.

To keep the landscapes in perfect shape

For any artistically designed landscape it is advised to keep it fresh and invigorated with the adequate amount of water which is supplied through a proper irrigation source. Without water, the landscape may lose its charm and look like more of a mess than have an appeal.

Therefore a good irrigation system needs to be installed by trained irrigation experts like us at The Home Zen to supply water at regular intervals without much hassle to the gardens. Watering manually becomes a rather tedious job and demands a certain level of commitment from the garden owners. Hence people prefer to install an automated or a semi-automated irrigation system to facilitate watering for your green spaces.

  • Cost-effective Solution

  • An effective irrigation system can go a long way in helping you save up on your monthly bills. The Home Zen offers the most reliable irrigation system that helps reduce the cost of water bills by 15 to 20 percent. We can even program the irrigation system to follow the water regulation requirements laid down by your local authorities in Dubai.

    Following a Watering schedule

    The water requirement for plants keeps changing according to the season. In the sprawling summer heat of Dubai, the plants require more water to survive. Whereas, during rain and slightly moderate temperatures, the plants may perish due to overwatering. Hence a proper schedule needs to be determined for the irrigation system and it needs to be modified as per the climatic conditions prevailing.