Curtains are an essential accessory that plays an important role in elevating the home décor. Sheers & curtains serve multi-functional purposes by giving your homes the required privacy and reducing the glare thereby avoiding damage to furniture due to direct sunlight entering the rooms. If you feel curtains are merely a piece of cloth suspended from a rod, you might want to think again. One would agree that each piece of décor is a reflection of the home owner’s personality and the window dressings are no exception to this.

Curtains invite a certain charm and every room requires a curtain to match the tone, besides providing the basic functionality. There are a plethora of curtains that come in different designs, patterns & materials available for purchase and it is indeed a tedious task to choose the most suitable one. We understand your dilemma and present to you a few important tips to choose your curtains carefully.

Pick the Right Fabric

The most important aspect of any curtain selection is the choice of fabric you opt for. Curtains with different fabric materials serve different functionality and change the overall get-up of the room. Linen fabric curtains are flowy and add an easy-going appeal to the rooms. These curtains match the summer vibe of Dubai and do not obstruct the much-needed breeze from coming into the homes. On the other hand, velvet curtains add an absolutely plush appeal to your spaces and command a second glance from whoever walks into your living room. Match your luxury upholstery by opting for velvet curtains that serve the dual purpose of blocking light completely & enhancing the opulence of the space. We also suggest experimenting with lace curtains. They carry their own delicate charm through web-like patterns and intricate embroidery. We love the idea of how these curtains make the rooms look brighter and invite natural moonlight through the windows at night.

Choose an Appropriate Color

The first step in choosing the color for your curtains is to understand whether you are adding the curtains to a room that already has a set theme or are you starting from scratch. If the theme for the room is predefined, you need to look for curtains that match the existing color scheme and blend seamlessly with the upholstery or say the wall color.  Simply pick an accent color from one of your existing pieces of furniture, rug, or pillows for your new drapes to create perfect harmony and complete the picture-perfect look. If you want the curtain to be the focal point in your rooms, then it is wise to choose a color that offers a striking contrast to the existing shades in the room.

Decide Upon the Ideal Length

The length of the curtains mainly depends upon the type of room you are purchasing the curtains for and the aesthetic appeal you wish to showcase. Often elevated kitchen windows are decaled with short curtains that end just below the window seal. Alternatively, you could also opt for the half-window curtains for your kitchens as they cover merely half of the window leaving space for air and light to brighten up the kitchen countertops. Floor-length curtains are apt for living rooms that have huge ceiling-to-flooring windows and offer the required privacy needed. Drawing these elegant long drapes open-up the room to beautiful outdoor vistas allowing plenty of natural light to enter the rooms. If you wish to follow the trend, then ‘puddle’ curtains are quite fashionable. As the name suggests, puddle curtains, usually give a dramatic appeal by extending 2-5 inches onto the floor forming a flowy bundle of cloth on the flooring in an artistically clumsy fashion.

Making a Statement with Print or plain Look

Quirky prints and geometric patterns on the curtains add a cool vibrance to space and enhances the overall character. Printed curtains invite a pleasant contrast and break the monotony of solid color cushions or carpets in the room. For a subtler look, bold prints are paired with unicolor curtains in an alternate fashion to elevate the overall home décor visually.