Decorate Your Outdoor Space To Exude A Relaxing Vibe

Everyone loves a homewhere they can unwind at the end of a long day. Whether it is a sprawling mansion, elaborate villa or a cute cottage, the USP is always the outdoor space. Being one with nature always calms the mind, body and spirit. In todays fast paced world, where theres always space constraint, it is a boon to be blessed with an outdoor space, however small. In this article we will show you how you can get GARDEN SERVICES IN DUBAI to transform your outdoor patio into a haven you and your family will love.


A patio is literally the doorway to your heaven. It should be no less inviting than the pearly gates. GARDENERS IN DUBAI can help you transform a brick and mortar construction into a lush oasis. A well-designed patio will add to the curb appeal of your house and add to it intrinsic value.

Start off with a neat outdoor furniture set that complements the exterior of your home. It should be able to withstand rain or shine and be cleaned easily. Cane and wrought iron are popular choices as are hanging egg chairs where you can also kick back solo with a cool drink.  Once you have picked a nice spot for your furniture that gets either the morning or evening sun, then it is time to pick out the most important part of any outdoor space… the plants.

Get an assortment of plants that will help you beautify the space as well as grant you the privacy that you need. A small patch of vegetable garden too would provide a hobby for you to indulge in with the added advantage of growing your own organic food. You can always start off with low maintenance plants and keep adding to your repertoire as you feel confident. Use large planters and raised garden beds as they immediately add to the visual appeal of the garden as well as hold more water for longer. Create patterns and shades with various colours of flowers. You may even go a step ahead and co-ordinate the floral colours with your home.

Use a combination of plants and pavers to extend the look of a small porch or portico. Small entrances can be visually enlarged by creating a patio area either in front of or beside the front door. You could also think about integrating your walkway by planting borders alongside. Planting aromatic flowers here would make every walk from the curb to your front door a pleasing and sensory experience.

For spaces that need to be screened, add a trellis which will also be visually appealing. A trellis will also help you to hide unsightly objects such as a boiler or pump etc. PROFESSIONAL GARDEN SERVICES IN DUBAI can help suggest which creepers would be best suited to the trellis and would flourish in the environment.

Integrate artwork, like sculptures, fountains, or space permitting - little stone ponds, into your landscaping to create a focal point and add lots of interest. Your patio is where you can put up frames and articles that would add a personal touch. As far as possible make use of natural material such as stone and wood to create harmony with the outdoors.  

A patio or outdoor space is a great place to bring your loved ones together. It's all about making memories with the people you care about. So get started with these tips and you wont go wrong. You can start with small changes or additions and build up as you go along.

Olivia Rhye
Product Designer, Homezen

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