Growing your own villa backyard garden can be quite a rewarding experience. Imagine how fun and therapeutic it could be to water, dig, and pick your own greens. Getting your hands dirty and teaching your kids about nature, is the most fruitful exercise. To make the grow-your-own dreams a reality there are a few tips that can help you get started with gardening in Dubai right from scratch. Read through the article to learn how easy it is to manifest your own flowering blooms. 

Choose the Correct Spot If you are planning to grow flowering plants or even vegetable shrubs, their growth requires an adequate amount of sunlight. Thankfully Dubai is blessed with plenty of sunlight, all year round. A spot in your backyard that is exposed to sufficient amounts of rays, but also not too much of it, makes for a perfect setting for the plants to be rooted. All these greens require 6-8 hours of direct sun each day to thrive fully and hence its placement is important. Also, pick a patch where the land is flat and less sloppy. If the ground is uneven, then it would not only be difficult but also a costly and time-consuming affair to cultivate the gardens.

Quality of Soil is Important The soil around your home's periphery may not be conducive to the growth of garden plants. It is necessary to therefore ensure that basic nutrients such as phosphorus, nitrogen, potassium, and calcium are added additionally to improve its quality. Soil that is healthy, will boost the plant’s development and improve the crop yield. To enrich the soil bed further, garden owners can add2-3-inch layers of compost, decayed leaves, dry grass, and used manure. The texture of the soil also makes a difference. Some plants adapt well to sandy soils and others grow well in clay soil.  

Determine the Source of Water Another important point to consider, is access to a water source. Plan your gardens near a water outlet such that you do not have to pull the garden hose too far when your plants get thirsty. Especially because of the summer heat in Dubai, the leaves may turn yellow quickly and dry even before you know it. The most appropriate schedule to follow is to water the plants twice a day for 6-8 minutes each time. Apart from this, mulching the plant can keep the soil moist and cool.

Pick the Right Plant Before you go shopping for seeds, it is important to consider the type of plants that won’t lose their aesthetic appeal even on the harshest sunny days. Gardening in Dubai is a tactful exercise, but nonetheless very thrilling. Frangipani also called plumeria is a popular tree found in Gulf backyard gardens. Another contender is the bright yellow trumpet-shaped Tacoma which happily thrives in the sun. You will always find a cluster of these in the by-lanes of the villa community in Dubai. Besides these, the vinca flower, elephant bush, and the palm tree are also widely grown in this region. 

Building a garden takes lots of effort and commitment, but is totally worth getting your hands dirty. Even if there are space constraints, container gardening is a viable alternate option.