HOME MAINTENANCE requires regular upgrades with meticulous planning and careful execution. Many HOME IMPROVEMENT PROJECTS can be a DIY project if you are so inclined. But if you find it daunting then there are many HOME MAINTENANCE SERVICES IN DUBAI that will efficiently and economically take up this task for you. If you plan on going about it with the help of HOUSE SERVICE PROFESSIONALS or even by yourself, then this blog is for you. It will help you to innovatively plan your renovation as well as effectively execute it.


Renovation is like any other project that you may take up in your office. You must draw up a plan or checklist starting with the most important or larger tasks first. Safety over aesthetics should be the rule of thumb. Make a list of what you require with regard to health and safety and follow it up with what you would like aesthetically or cosmetically. Plan ahead keeping the next few years in mind as home renovation needs to age well. It may help you to sit down with your family and consider all inputs and views. It would be prudent to consider the environment and plan accordingly.


Making a checklist goes hand in hand with your budget. Set your budget and then work around it. Home improvement tends to overstep the allocated budget so do remember to keep a buffer. It is important to be aware of the latest technologies available, best suited materials and labour costs for your job. This knowledge is readily available online and will help you set a realistic budget and stick to it. The construction raw material market is a volatile one and so the cost may differ from market to market or even from day to day. Hence, account for the same in the buffer mentioned above. Keep in mind that you should never pay more than 25% in advance to the contractor and maintain  a record of payments made with proper documentation. Always keep a certain amount of cash ready for ad-hoc payments that will crop up suddenly.


If you are opting for major home renovations, you may need to consider alternative living arrangements and visiting the site every few days to remain on top of things. Be aware of the permits that might be required by the local authorities and obtain them well in advance.


Joining hands with the right professionals will help to give you the best results. It is safer to go with tried and tested. So, it is preferrable to hire someone recommended by friends or relatives. A good contractor will take much of the burden off your shoulders and will be key for timely and effectively completion of your renovation.  If this is not possible you can go online and check reviews for the different professionals operating in your area. A professional will advise you about the order of jobs to be completed as well with regard to masonry, carpentry, electrical etc

Once you have selected your renovation team, you will need to meet with them and put your plans and budget on the table. You both would have to discuss the possibilities and work around the complications together. Do not leave decisions to the contractor but do not micro-manage either. Else, you defeat the purpose of hiring someone else to do the job. If there are contract papers drawn up, go through them carefully before signing and iron out any differences. Based on your initial discussions, the designer prepares rough sketches of the designs to ensure that both your visions align. Once you both are on the same page, the final design will be prepared which includes detailed drawings with dimensions, materials, finishes etc. These drawings will be the ones to finally be handed over to the architects and laborers to finally execute.

These tips should help you plan your home renovation in a timely manner and without much stress.

Olivia Rhye
Product Designer, Homezen

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