Owning a Swimming Pool in your villa is a great recreational amenity. Cooling off after a hot summer day is a fantastic idea and relaxes the mind. However, it takes time and dedication to maintain the hygiene of your pools. To ensure that your pools are sanitized and safe for use there are certain do’s and don’ts that pool owners should keep in mind.

The Do’s of Swimming Pool Maintenance in Dubai

Do Skim the Pool

Inspect your pools regularly, especially after a swimming session. Ensure that you skim the surface of the pool every day to remove leaves, debris, and dead insects before they settle to the bottom of the pool. If left unattended for too long, the pool becomes a breeding ground for germs and algae thus affecting the health of the swimmer. Skimming is the easiest, but the most effective maintenance technique.

Do Check the Chlorine Content                                                                                                                 

Swimming Pools need chlorine to keep the water clean and kill harmful bacteria. The right amount of chlorine is required to show positive results. To check the chlorine levels, a strip test is to be conducted regularly. Make sure that the chlorine content is not too high or too low, or it could do more harm than good.

Do Vacuuming and Scrubbing

Over time your pool may develop stains due to calcium deposits on the walls or due to the rusting of metal objects. Even dirt and debris may cause staining. To get rid of these unwanted discolorations, one needs to vacuum the pool and scrub those stains off with a brush as soon as possible. Usually acid or a solution of water and vinegar does the magic.

The Don’ts of Swimming Pool Maintenance in Dubai

Don’t Shock Your Pools Regularly

Pools don’t need to be shocked unless it is absolutely necessary. Shocking the pools is practiced to remove bacteria, algae, and other contaminations by adding a large amount of chlorine into the water at once. Over-shocking the pool may make the water unsafe to swim, as excessive chlorine irritates the eyes, hair, and skin.

Don’t Repair Electrical Pool Equipment by Yourself

If any electrical equipment in your pool is not functioning as expected, it is advisable to call for professional help. Trying to fix the issue by yourself, could be hazardous and may do more damage than good. Components like filter, pump, and heating or cooling system need immediate attention to avoid risking the chances of electrocution.

Don’t Keep the Water Levels Too High

Ideally, the water levels of your swimming facility should be at the midpoint of the pool skimmer. The skimmer is a stage of filtration before the water enters the filter for cleaning. Pool water levels that are too low, will not flow into the filer system seamlessly. On the other hand, high water levels may cause debris to float out of the pool, instead of reaching the filter.