Add style and character to your garden with raised garden beds. Raised garden beds provide structure and visual interest in your private little haven. And not only that, a raised garden bed can be set up even in the midst of a concrete jungle on your balcony or terrace. The perfect little addition to your home, that you can enjoy your morning  ‘cuppa’ next to.

Setting up a raised flower bed is very easy and a great project for DIY beginners. But if you are afraid you don’t have the “green thumb” then there are many GARDENING SERVICES IN DUBAI which can help you set it up within a few hours.

Tips for a ready garden: Considering that you have your own flourishing garden, demarcate a place for the flower bed which is even and gets a good amount of sunlight. Loosen the earth and enrich it with compost before you sow your seeds. Framing the flower bed will prove to be more fruitful as it warms up faster in the winters and can be sown more densely which means fewer weeds. Wooden planks, bricks, steel or stones are the most common materials used to build a frame or raised garden bed.   If soil contamination from lead or other chemicals is a concern, you can line the bed with weed blocking fabric that is easily available in most gardening stores. This landscaping material will also keep the soil from being washed away and the occasional topping-off will not be required.

Tips for a less than ideal garden or balcony or terrace: If the conditions in your chosen spot are less than ideal for growing a flower bed then a raised bed, even with or without legs can be constructed easily. The size should be kept small as you don’t want to be stepping over the saplings to reach around the bed while gardening. If its centrally placed with all round access then you can even go upto 5 feet but if you are setting it up against a wall, keep the width to under 2 and a half feet. First you need to decide on your crop and then choose a spot that gets the right amount of sunlight for the selected crop. Make a frame out of the above mentioned materials and set up a rectangular box that is not less than a foot deep. If you plan to grow an edible garden, avoid using pressure treated wood as there are chances of chemicals seeping into the soil and into your food. Once this box is constructed you can line it with any natural materials such as cardboard, twigs and branches or leaf mulch. Add your ideal blend of native soil along with a raised bed mix and worm castings. Cover with top soil and you are ready for sowing. To fill a standard sized raised bed, you can start off with a cubic yard of soil. Don’t forget that you will intermittently need to top off your soil as the months go by. Keep the soil level at approximately 1 inch off the top of the box.


Once you start with a flower bed, it proves to be invaluable in cultivating small, organic vegetable gardens and even blooms or succulents. If you don’t want to go by the DIY route, the BEST GARDENING SERVICES IN DUBAI are readily available. They will either help you set up from scratch or then you can buy the garden beds on the market that are easy to order and assemble and then utilise their services to fill it up and start you off. 

Olivia Rhye
Product Designer, Homezen

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