• Ability to withstand heavy usage: There are some prerequisites that need to be kept in mind while shortlisting the synthetic grass type. For example, if your household has children or pets, you need to make sure that the synthetic grass type selected is soft and does not cause irritation to the skin. The product also must be designed to withstand heavy usage or the grass wouldn’t last for too long.

    Authentic look of the synthetic grass: Though the grass may be artificial, the turf should appear to look like a real surface. Therefore everyone prefers to opt for the long blade grass which gives a lush and luxurious feel to the ground. However, it is a little tedious to manage, long blade grass. One needs to sweep the turf regularly to prevent the grass from flattening over time.

    Durability: A good quality turf may cost slightly more, but should have the capacity to withstand any kind of adverse conditions. Usually, a turf that is dense is said to be of premium quality and it has more synthetic yarns per square foot. The denser the turf, the more it can stand the test of time. Therefore if the price isn’t an issue, we would recommend going for a dense turf.

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  • Weight of the synthetic turf: A good quality turf is usually heavier in weight. This is because it needs to bear the weight of people, pets, and anything that is being placed on the surface.

    Sustainable in any type of weather: The turf should not melt under the hot rays of the sun or wither-off during monsoon season. Even the color of the grass should look as fresh as it was when you first bought it and not just fade-away due to climatic conditions. Also, the blades should not expand or contract due to constant change in temperature or the synthetic grass fibre might tear off.

    Why Choose The Home Zen As Your Artificial Grass Installation Service Providers


    The Home Zen is a leading and experienced installer and service provider for fake grass in Dubai. We are capable of handling projects of any size and dimension, be it residential, sports, leisure, commercial, retail, or educational play centers.

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  • Here are some of the reasons to choose us:

    • We partner with only the most reliable artificial grass manufacturers and evaluate its viability before passing on the asset to you.
    • Our artificial grass solutions are customized to cater to the exact requirement of the customer.
    • We provide an end-to-end service right from selecting, procuring, installing, and maintaining your artificial turfs, thus taking over the burden of our clients.
    • Our customers save time, money, and effort on unnecessary running around and follow-ups, as we take over the task and deliver satisfactory results.
    • Also, our excellent customer-sales service executives are happy to address your queries and provide guidance on any concern you might have with your turfs.


    If you wish to bring in a touch of nature into your homes, sports arenas or, offices, you can contact us immediately and share your requirements.

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