The studio home concept is quite famous in a city like Dubai, where job aspirants and students come with great dreams to make a living for themselves. Studio apartments are pocket-friendly and thus there is a greater demand for studios, by renters & home seekers. Most apartments range from around 480 sq. ft. to about 600 sq. ft. which usually draws the conclusion that there is no scope for any creativity! If you are struggling to visualize what best you can do with your matchbox apartment, you have landed at the right place! Well, simply read through our article to learn more.

#1 Minimalism is the Key 

You will receive this ‘top tip’ from anyone you go to for advice! Less is more. Try to stick to furniture that you absolutely NEED and do away with any piece that is extra or seems like a ‘once in a blue moon’ usage for you. To give you an example; if you are a bachelor, 3 dining chairs are perfect to pair up with your dinner table, so you need not invest in a stool or an additional divan for your drawing room. The dining chair itself can be moved to the living room when you want to watch TV and this ends-up saving you unnecessary usage of space. Note down all your essential furniture requirements before going shopping, so that you are able to resist the temptation of getting any additional item that you 'fell in love with' at the Dubai Mall.

#2 Paint your Walls Wisely 

Wondering what color has to do with more space in your homes? Curating a color palette that is appropriate is the key. Expert painters in Dubai, suggest going for shades that are light in color like; cream, beige, baby blue, and yellow, which will visually enhance the spaciousness of the homes. Ofcourse, if you go for ‘white’ there’s nothing like it! But adding a splash of neutral shades also makes the home look larger. Simply reach out to our experienced painters to execute the job to your liking. Make sure that you exercise uniformity and paint all walls in the same color, as contrasting painted walls make the room look cluttered.

#3 Drape It Right  

Going for heavy-duty velvet or satin curtains will add a kind of heaviness to the entire vibe. Keep the wall color and curtains in sync, by choosing light shades for your draperies. The kind of fabric you select is also important. Purchase lightweight fabrics like linen or cotton, that add a sense of breeziness to the space. Keep your curtains open to invite plenty of natural sunlight, that will add to the spaciousness of your room.

#4 Multipurpose Furniture 

Multiutility furniture options save you cost and free-up space. This is definitely not just a trend, but it’s here to stay, as homes are getting smaller & smaller by the day. If you Google ‘multipurpose furniture’, you will be amazed at the number of options! This market has moved beyond simple sofa-cum-beds and foldable chairs. Some examples are; dressing table that coverts into a storage unit, wardrobe that converts into a study space, and a center coffee table that expands into a full-size dinner table. Thanks to genius innovations like these!

#5 Add Some Mirrors  

This is no magic, but rather a tried and tested experiment. Strategically placing mirrors in your home can make it look larger than normal. Full-length mirrors give the illusion that your space is bigger than it actually is. This happens when the mirror is placed next to the window, as it tricks the eyes to believe in exaggerated views of the outdoors and reflects light from outside into your home. Again, choose a very simple frame, which is preferably white by searching on Amazon or any Ikea store nearby.

In a nutshell, make small modifications by following the top 5 tips mentioned above and smartly transform your spaces from clutter to unclutter!  


Olivia Rhye
Product Designer, Homezen

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