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Today we live in a world where everything is mechanized and modern. Everything is faster and more efficient. Our gadgets have brought the world closer together and have made the world a much smaller place with faster communication and transmission of information all over the world in the twinkling of an eye. And this new age will only grow from strength to strength as time passes. Gadget digitization has made people's lives easier and reduced distances between individuals, communities as well as nations. Gone are the days when you wrote a letter, posted it, waited for a week for it to reach and then another week for a reply to reach you. Mobile phones, computers, etc have completed this task in a matter of a few seconds. From bulky machines, computers have been reduced to paper-thin laptops or tablets and phones that can perform any function for you. Every aspect of life can be found on these gadgets from booking a cab to groceries to banking to email. Its all available in the palm of your hand with the press of a button. It is therefore essential that we take utmost care of these devices so that they last us for a long, long time. Here are some tips on how to successfully lengthen the life of your gadgets from some of the top maintenance services in Dubai.

Let us begin with the most basic yet most important part – Charging. Ensure that you use only approved chargers and charge only when necessary as there are a limited number of charging cycles in every gadget. Store the charger well, so that the wires do not break and cause short circuits during use. Use batteries as recommended by the manufacturer and not general ones available in the market.

Although, devices now are shatter-resistant, it is advisable to stow them safely. It is always prudent to use covers and screen protectors. You get htem in all the colours possible with designs to suit every fancy.

Computer users must use surge protectors to protect against electrical surges which can damage your device. Surges can happen even for the most innocuous reasons like plugging in a heavy duty machine like a vacuum. Ideally, unplug a machine if it is not in use.

Our phones are something that we seldom let go of. It is said that they have more germs than a toilet seat. While some people are ok with never cleaning their devices, others are particular about cleaning them and sanitising them everyday. It is important that you know the recommended cleaning procedures for all of your devices and to follow them closely. Avoid spraying the screens directly with chemicals and this can cause patches and damage the displays. Rubbing alcohol or a barely damp microfibre cloth will do the trick every time.

For gadgets with screen displays, it is recommended that you keep the brightness levels as low as possible. This gives you a longer battery life, consumes less energy and is good for your eyes as well.

Protect your device with a good anti-virus if it has internet connectivity. The free ones are not usually very effective with viruses that are updated everyday.

Home maintenance service in Dubai will help you to look after all your needs under one roof. Your electronics and gadgets grant you convenience like never before, keep you connected and entertained, and it’s up to you to return a little of that love. Keep your equipment safe, clean and protected so it’s always there for you when you need it.

Olivia Rhye
Product Designer, Homezen

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