In conversation with Pranitha Nimmagadda, CEO -

Please share a brief profile on the firm.

Thehomezen was conceptualized to make quality home care and amenity maintenance services easily accessible to Homeowners in Dubai. We pride in being a one-stop professional solution provider for the upkeep of all outdoor and indoor utilities.

In the wake of the current pandemic, we have noticed a shift of preference from apartments to villas, as homeowners feel more secured staying independently. This has inspired homeowners to invest in crafting vibrant green surroundings around their property. However, often it is difficult to get in touch with a reliable partner for the beautification project as there are only a handful of vendors providing these services. To bridge this unattended demand of the community, Thehomezen is converging its passion for plants & gardens to create a sustainable vision for an environment-friendly future which is in sync with the goal of manifesting a green Dubai!

Is there any scope for expansion in the market, what are your plans for the short term?

Since the inception of our venture, we have carefully invested in assimilating and training skilled labour workforce, which gives us the confidence of servicing any kind of customer query, big or small. We have the latest equipment required for various repair, maintenance, and upkeep tasks, so that we not only meet the expectations of the job but also create long-lasting impressions for our clients. We are moving forward swiftly and have plans of acquiring a Dubai based landscaping company to further strengthen our expertise and foothold in the market.

What are the client requests you have received in terms of maintenance for pools and outdoor areas during the pandemic?

To ensure that the pandemic doesn’t deter the spirits of the homeowners, we strive to cater the immediate demands of the customers. Our customer service experts are continuously tending to calls and anxious queries asking for assistance with sanitation of the various home amenities. We are proud of our frontmen jobbers for responsibly managing the onsite projects whether it’s acid cleaning of pools or decontaminating of gardens & homes while abiding to utmost hygiene standards.

Besides the regular service portfolio, what are the unique solutions Home Zen brings to the table for value customers?

Thehomezen believes in creating a collaborative approach to Home Care. We take time in understanding the client’s requirements and involve them in the decision-making process. This develops a sense of onus amongst the home owner when their dream landscape or outdoor pool projects are satisfactorily implemented. Once the facility is set-up, maintenance is the next step. Therefore, we conduct one-on-one consulting sessions with our clients to teach them the various techniques for routine hands-on tasks, such as watering plants or say skimming the pools. All this goes a long way, as studies suggest, simple activities like weeding, can help reduce stress and relax the mind.Our services are powered by cutting-edge technology and driven by innovation with the aim of cutting costs, utilizing available resources optimally, and reducing the hassle of maintenance in the long run. Our customers have already appreciated our efforts for the benefit they have observed by opting to install a smart-lighting solution for their pools and an auto-irrigation facility for their gardens. Our commitment to customer satisfaction and ingenuity in project work is what gives us an edge over our competitors.