We bet you must have experienced frustration at some point in time when there is a sudden need to fix a pipe leak or drill a screw in the wall, but you, unfortunately, didn’t have the right tools to get the work done. Therefore, having a well-stocked home toolbox is an absolute must to handle any minor DIY urgencies that crop up. We have prepared a comprehensive list of essentials required for the job. Read through the Blog and add these tools to your Amazon shopping carts, before it's too late.

#1 Screwdrivers

 A screwdriver is the most common tool needed in every household. They usually come in a 'set' to fix screws of different sizes & dimensions. There is a flat-head screwdriver, Phillips head screwdriver, pozidriv screwdrivers, and Hex screwdrivers, to name a few. A manual screwdriver is a great option for assembling Ikea furniture or screwing and unscrewing nuts & bolts from the wall. If you have enough storage space, you may opt for the cordless screwdriver, which works on batteries and is comparatively safer than the heavy-duty eclectic screwdriver. So whether you are changing the handle of a cabinet or installing paper towels on the toilet paper holder, a screwdriver will be your best friend.

#2 Pliers

 A plier is a multifaceted equipment to have around the house. Its jaw-like structure is excellent for gripping, twisting, cutting, or bending a specimen like sharp nails that are loosely fitted or wires that are hanging around. You can even use it to loosen or tighten bolts with a firm grip of your hand. Usually, electricians use pliers to slip open the insulation from the wires. However, we don’t recommend performing such dangerous tasks at home by yourself. Just dial a professional by calling a home service agency that will arrange for an expert electrician in Dubai, for you.

#3 Hammer

 This one’s a no-brainer! Your tool kit isn’t complete if it ain’t have a hammer. A hammer does the work of driving screws into a wooden surface or wall by hitting on it repeatedly. Make sure the hammer isn’t too heavy to carry and its handle is long enough so that you don’t hurt yourself. The claw hammer type isn’t unusual for villa owners who own a garden with a wooden fence. What the claw does is that it comes in handy when you are trying to split or tear the wooden surface, or demolish an extra piece from the wooden frame. The other types of hammers are; sledge hammer, dead blow hammer, and the ball-peen hammer. Remember to wear safety eyewear or goggles before starting the task.

#4 Staple Gun

 If you're pondering what good use could a staple gun do, think no further. This amazing little mighty tool can be of great help, it is put to correct use. Thinking of changing your floor carpet? A staple gun will help retuck the carpet safely back on without any stress. Even the carpet will remain in good condition, without any sign of damage. When you want to change the upholstery of chairs and sofa sets, the staple gun comes in handy to complete the job neatly. These come in different variants; manual gun, electric staple gun, and pneumatic staple gun, however, you may choose one according to your preferences.

#5 Duct Tape

 A duct tape is a long-lasting adhesive tape that is used to fasten surfaces and is often waterproof. They come in varying lengths, sizes & colors, and can easily be purchased from hardware stores or shipped on Amazon. If you need to fix a patchwork in the basement or seal the hole in a pipe, simply cover it with duct tape. Have a broken window pane? Just apply some duct tape and let it rest.

These are just a few tools that we have mentioned. Other than the above, you can also purchase; measuring tapes, handsaw, ladder, flashlights, utility knife, and wrenches. Over the years you can add on to your toolkit as per the wear-&-tear requirements in your home. Remember, if the task is too risky, simply approach a professional home maintenance service expert in Dubai or any other city you are based in.

Olivia Rhye
Product Designer, Homezen

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