Children love colors and they get fascinated by the fact that the room they are going to spend their nights in, is suited to match their personality & preferences. Psychologists have found that children’s moods are affected by the environment they are in and hence the color scheme for their room has to be chosen wisely. A nicely done paint job has the power to induce a relaxed feeling before your little one falls asleep. It also has a positive impact on their emotional & mental well-being.

Through this Blog, we aim to highlight some fascinating ideas to tactfully decorate the child’s room, for an ever-onboarding adventure.

#1 Geometric Shape

Patterns, shapes, and forms, really attract kids, and imagine having that painted on a bedroom wall. How cool is that! Geometric shapes on walls also gives the room a very classy and chic look. All you need is a masking tape and some vibrant paint to display your thoughts onto the wall. Pick a statement wall in the corner of the room and display your geometric expression, if you do not want the full bedroom to appear as if it were a math textbook. Consult expert painters in Dubai who will help you concretize the concept and execute it beautifully.

#2 Illuminating Wall

Imagine walking into a room with shiny stars twinkling away! Glow-in-the-dark stickers were such a rage at one point in time and now you can make them a part of your haven. They are simple to install and all you have to do is peel the sticker and fix them on the wall. Choose a background wall color in sync with the kind of sticker you want to affix. For example; to feature shiny stars on the wall, paint the background wall black and to showcase some cartoon characters like Pooh on the wall, paint the background light blue or pink. A simple artwork on the wall will make everyday feel like a beautiful story that will unravel before your eyes as you wake up and keep you motivated through the day.

#3 Accent Wall

An accent wall is curated using different shades, colours, and textures to add an oomph to the home interiors. This wall could be behind the bed, or the study and is suited to make a big impact. Use a rag or a sponge roller in a circular motion to give a deep & dramatic effect. Alternatively, you can use a printed wallpaper with textured designs as they are easy to install and look very much like the wall is actually painted.

#4 Wall Stencils

Collect all essentials required to prepare your walls for a stencil. You may require paint, tape, and a roller, to execute the task. The stencils have different patterns with gaps in between to fill. Take a stencil that is suitable to your taste & liking and hold it against the wall firmly or just fasten it by applying tape on its edges. Choose a paint that would add a stark contrast to the wall and then fill them with color. Once the imprint of the stencil is transferred on the wall, gently peel off the paper and allow it to dry.

So, what are you waiting for! Get creative and give your ideas wings. Contact our pro painters and manifest the dream of gifting your child a room that he/she can be proud to flaunt!


Olivia Rhye
Product Designer, Homezen

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