When the temperatures in Dubai are at an all-time soaring high, you deserve a dip into your backyard swimming pool more than ever before. Nothing can rejuvenate you like a cool summertime splash after coming home from a hot workday. To keep your pool water at a comfortably cool temperature, installing a swimming pool chiller is the best investment you could ever make.

What exactly is a Swimming Pool Chiller?

The pool chiller is a device that cools off the water in the swimming pool by pulling excess heat and releasing cold water back into the pool. The pool chiller can be installed as a standalone unit or one can purchase a heat pump with a reversal switch that can be turned on to cool-down the water.

Advantages of having a Swimming Pool Chiller

The pool chillers are energy-efficient and you end up spending less than a dollar per day even if it left to run for a longer duration. Moreover, pool chillers that operate on solar energy, can turn out to be even more economical. The chillers are available in different sizes and are priced depending upon their capacity. They require minimum maintenance and perform efficiently despite high levels of humidity and heat.

It is said that when the water is warmer, a higher proportion of chlorine is required to sanitize the pool. Whereas in cool water, a lesser amount of chlorine does the work of sanitizing the water efficiently. Even the unwanted growth of algae can be kept in check when the water temperature is kept comfortably cool. Unusually warm water can lead to the chances of heat-related illnesses like heat stroke for swimmers. Therefore, to avoid illnesses, doctors advise swimming in waters with a temperate between 84˚F to 90˚F. Lastly, the evaporation process slows down in cooler water, and hence to prevent unnecessary evaporation and wastage of water in refilling the pool, it is advised to maintain cool pools.

Under what condition is it best to install a Swimming Pool Chiller?

It is always a good idea to have a pool chiller, no matter what region you are located in. However, in places where the climate reaches 90˚For exceeds this fiery number, it is wise to have a chiller cool down the water to comfortable levels. Also, pools that are deeper need not need a water chiller, as much as a pool with a shallow depth. Pools that are lesser than 6.5 feet deep warm up quickly, getting too warm for comfort. Whereas, a pool that is 8 feet deep, will take longer to warm and might not get affected. It is a fact that pools that have pebbled, quartz, or tile surfaces tend to heat faster and even those with darker bottoms are not a good match for the harsh climatic condition.

Other techniques to keep your Pools cool

Though the pool chiller does its job, it is advisable to use some other technique to further enhances the coolness of the water:

  • Water features like waterfalls and fountains keep the water moving and this constant circulation releases heat and makes the water cooler than usual.
  • Avoid planting tall trees and shrubs around the pool which block the airflow. The pool should have space to breathe for it to be cool and any obstruction that forms a canopy over the pool surface needs to be removed.

Pool covers are great when you need to protect the water from being polluted by unfriendly debris. However, it is advisable to uncover them, especially during hot summer days, to prevent the heat from being trapped in water under the pool cover.