Whether you are planning to renovate your landscape gardens or designing a new one, there are some important factors that you need to consider. These tips will help you put a roadmap to create a gorgeous, vibrant, and viable landscape that captures your artistic expression.  

1)    Learn About the Yard First                                                                                                                        

It is advised to do some background checks about factors such as; soil type, climatic conditions, and topography before contacting your local landscaping expert or their team of professionals could do it for you. This stage will determine the microclimate you need to create and the amount of shading required for the plants to thrive. Another point to consider here is how the water will flow through the yards, for which a proper drainage system plan needs to put into place. Ideally, the water should be carried away from your homes and not towards the dwelling. 

2)    Choose Your Style 

Just as you select a theme for the interiors of your villas, you can have a representation of it in your backyards and front yards too. As per the theme, you can select the kind of plants that should be grown and the installations that will accentuate the beauty of your landscapes. The different colors, lines, patterns, and shapes used through space reflects the owner’s personality. Modern gardens are typically characterized by clearly defined designs, minimalistic architecture, and sophisticated presentation. 

3)    Consider Who Will Be Using the Space 

Your outdoor landscape area is more than just an attractive green space. Often families use these spaces for recreational activities like; throwing barbeque parties, socializing, playing games, or just relaxing. Therefore, a well-thought-through layout needs to be strategized during the design phase. If there are children and pets, special attention needs to be paid to the elements that are incorporated. Plants that are poisonous or have thorns should be avoided. Also, electrical plugs if any must be covered and the patio should have a non-slippery surface to avoid accidental falling. 

4)    Grow Appropriate Plants 

When gardening in Dubai, one needs to take into consideration the hot climatic conditions and the effects of the harsh sun on the plants. To provide variety and break the monotony, a combination of shrubs, flowering trees, vines, and vegetable or fruit-bearing plants should be sown across the yards. Some plants require more attention than others, hence if you are ready to dedicate your time and effort towards nurturing them, you can opt for these. 

5)    Maintaining Your Landscapes 

Keeping your landscapes in perfect shape requires proper planning and regular scheduling to ensure that it doesn’t look messy and lose character. Before you begin the actual implementation, ask the following questions; Who will be taking care of your landscapes? Would you be hiring a professional agency to tend to your outdoor space? We suggest you plan your budget and decide which tasks you would like to outsource and which ones would you manage by yourself.