There’s nothing a warm bath can’t fix! When you return home from a long day at work, the one sure-shot way to unwind is to take a shower. Research suggests that warm baths improve mental health, emotional health and also enhances blood circulation in the body. So, when there are so many positives, why not invest wisely in your bathrooms? The overall ambiance of the bathroom is an important factor that contributes to your well-being. Through this Blog, we will touch upon a few ideas that will accentuate the beauty of your bathroom and make it a beautiful haven.  

Add Some Aroma  

Fragrances create an overall calming vibe and give your bathrooms a luxe feel. Depending on your preferences; choose a fragrance that you like; floral, woody, citrus, fruity, and so on. Electric diffusers are the best options and some of them look really pretty. People even prefer using incense sticks and pair it up with tea-light candles to add a special appeal to the décor. 

Choose a Fancy Mirror 

Shopping for the right mirror is often undermined while planning your bathroom. As much as it offers functionality, it can act as a dazzling statement piece in your bath space. There are plenty of fancy options out there. An illuminated mirror frame decaled with fancy LED lights on its border or at its back panel looks very charming. This serves a double purpose of illuminating your spaces and giving you a sneak peek of yourself. A wooden framed mirror is commonly opted to pair up with marble counter-topped bathroom vanity cabinets. This is a classic combination that never fails you! The market is also flooded with mirrors of different geometric shapes (oval, round, concave, convex, diamond, hexagon) besides the conventional rectangle option. Feel free to play with your imagination! 

Bath Mat 

To add some contrast to your white monotone bathroom space, why not add a dash of fun by introducing a chic multicolor bath mat? If your master bathroom is pretty large, there is plenty of scope to choose mats with different designs, prints, and materials. Floral designs, pastel shades, geometric patterns, pretty patchwork, all of these look gorgeous. For a royal feel, maybe you want to try heavy-duty vintage rugs. Basically, go for whatever pleases your palette! 

Accentuate your Toothbrush Stand

Now, who would pay attention to a toothbrush stand? But, why wouldn’t you? It’s the first thing you look at every morning, so it better be a pleasant sight. To make brushing a memorable experience, why not experiment with a DIY toothbrush stand? Buy a plain toothbrush stand from your nearby gift shop and paint it as per your preference. You can even use a glue gun to stick cut pieces of colored glass on the stand. If you want to create an eco-friendly look, go for a toothbrush stand made of bamboo. To spruce up some quirk, invite toothbrush stands in funky patterns such as; a bumblebee, elephant, minion shaped stand, or even print your family picture on the stand. 

Reimagine Storage 

Apart from the shelves and drawers in your vanity room, you could make use of pouches and storage bins to compartmentalize and organize your essentials. Keep the space as decluttered as possible. This will make your morning routine smoother, rather than wasting time searching for your facewash or after-shave gel. Toiletry bags come in a number of shapes, sizes, and patterns to choose from. Simply match it with your wall & tile color, to get a uniform look. 

Olivia Rhye
Product Designer, Homezen

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