Diving into a pool from a height seems like an adrenaline-pumping activity, but not if it were to turn into a disastrous accident! Should you opt for a diving board in your backyard pools or is it too dangerous? Read through the Blog to figure out the answer.

Safety Precautions

While installing a diving board there are some precautionary measures to consider. The pool has to be of a specific dimension in terms of length, breadth, and depth. If the pool is too shallow and narrow, it could lead to some injury, as the diver may hurt his head and neck by taking the plunge and hitting the floor. Typically, home pools should be 16 feet wide, 32 feet long and a minimum depth of 12 feet must be adhered to. It is wise to consult your swimming pool maintenance service contractor in Dubai, before making your decision on whether or not it is safe to install the diving board.

Know Your Pool Type

When summer is in full swing, all you can think of is getting into the pool and unwinding. Having a diving board is an added luxury and makes the swim even more pleasurable. Every pool has a different structure and is constructed as per the availability of space in the backyard. An above-ground pool is affordable to install and does not require much maintenance hassles. But these above-ground pools are not deep enough and installing a diving board could be hazardous. Only an in-ground pool of specific dimensions (as mentioned above) is ideal for constructing a diving board. Other types of pools such as; lap pools, indoor pools, and kids pools, are again not eligible for the installation of a diving board.

Choosing the Right Diving Board

Did you know even diving boards have different types & options to choose from? They are available in numerous shapes, materials, sizes, and attributes. Springboards are a type of diving board that provides some extra bounciness to your jump, making you soar in the air before you hit the water. Ideally, these boards should be used only if you are an experienced diver and know how to land in water after flaunting your acrobatic stunts mid-air. On the contrary to this a diving platform is rigid and inflexible, providing a sturdy grip to the diver. These platforms are made from concrete and the height isn’t too elevated above ground level. Diving blocks are generally used by pro swimmers at competitions with an aim to provide a good start into the water. These sloppy blocks are about 29 inches in height and can be easily installed in a home pool that meets the standard guidelines.

Ensuring proper construction over the Diving Envelope

A diving envelope is determined by the area within the pool that is necessary to provide entry from the diving board or platform. You will need to approach an expert swimming pool contractor in Dubai to take several measurements of your pool, before concluding the swimming pool’s diving envelope. This calculation will help determine how high the diving board or platform can be installed. The technician will also take into consideration any obstruction such as; a fountain or ladder, that is hindering your free dive into the pool. Safety is of paramount importance and considering all precautionary measures is an absolute must.

Conclusion: Installing a diving board is an expensive & tedious task, and thus the decision to get one constructed shouldn’t be made in a haste. Consult our Home Zen experts today to find out whether your pool meets the safety requirements and ticks all boxes.

Olivia Rhye
Product Designer, Homezen

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