Cleaning curtains can be quite a task! Imagine having to take them off and put them back on, is physically exhausting and it may require more than one person’s involvement. However, there are some hacks that you can adopt, to keep the curtains suspended and yet clean them thoroughly. Let’s find out ways to keep it simple and effective.

Vacuuming Curtains

Your draperies may collect dirt, dust, and even fungus, over time. These may be stuck in the folds or crevasses of the curtain, making it really difficult to get rid of them. If you do nothing about it, you may develop a dust allergy that may be detrimental to your health. Vacuuming your curtains is the easiest and fastest solution! Buy a vacuum cleaner that has a long rod and is not too heavy to carry along. Use a soft nozzle brush that is ideal for cleaning linen to preserve the fabric. Reach out to every nook & corner within the fold and move your hand in an up & down manner to get the job done effectively. This eliminates the unnecessary hassle of washing, drying, ironing, and re-installing the curtains whenever they need a good clean. Vacuuming can be done as often as possible. We suggest doing it once a week, to avoid any unpleasant scenarios later.

Dust Regularly

Use a duster or a brush with soft bristles to dust the curtains regularly. Shake them a little to ensure that the dirt stuck at the top falls down, after which you can use a broom and sweep the floor. Just give a good ‘tap here’ and ‘tap there’ for the debris to untangle itself. Properly dusted curtains look fresh, smell good, and act as guards to protect your home from foreign particles entering your apartment via the windows. This practice also increases the shelf-life of the curtain and ensures that its wear & tear is prolonged.

Steam It Up

Stubborn grease deposits develop over time and settle on the curtain fabric making the cleaning process more challenging. It clings to the cotton surface and refuses to come off with an average laundry treatment. This is indeed a cringe-worthy situation! However, we have a solution to counter this stubbornness. Apply steam cleaning technique, rather than throwing the curtains in the washing machine & running it through the dryer, followed by a tiresome ironing task. Let's understand what exactly is steam cleaning? Steam cleaning doesn’t require the usage of soap, detergent, or apple cider vinegar to cleanse the stains. It uses heat to disinfect the surface of the curtain and is considered an eco-friendly option. A branded handheld steam cleaner will dislodge stains with minimal side effects.

Brush The Lint

Lint deposit can really spoil your curtain’s texture. Mainly cotton and polyester materials collect lint and make the curtains look unappealing. Thank God for a lint brush or lint roller, whatever you find locally! You can now use it by moving it up and down on the surface of the fabric to pull off those hanging fibers. The top part of the roller can then be disposed of and replaced by a new roller head. Even pet hair is easily removed by using this method.
We are glad you came across this Blog and found the correct DIY techniques to clean the curtains. However, if you are too tied up with other errands, just reach out to expert handyman services in Dubai such as ours, and remain absolutely stress-free.


Olivia Rhye
Product Designer, Homezen

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