The earliest wardrobe was a simple chest as it suited the purpose of keeping everyone's clothing safe. But once people started taking the slow road to fashion, it became apparent that a bigger space was required to store attire as well as other possessions. Regal palaces and castles of powerful nobles introduced separate spaces for the apparel they owned. A wardrobe helps you store, plan and select outfits for the day along with matching accessories. Having a well-planned wardrobe allows you to see the complete range of clothing you possess in an organized manner.

It is important that a wardrobe be planned as it has various benefits – inside and outside. A wardrobe is the largest piece of furniture in the room and so it plays a vital role to enhance the room’s aesthetics. Wardrobes have graduated from a small chest to a cupboard to large wall-to-wall and ceiling-to-floor wardrobes. One of the luxuries afforded in many upscale residences is a walk-in wardrobe which is a whole room dedicated to your clothes, shoes, and accessories. Let us explore the different kinds of wardrobes that are available so that you may choose what is best suited to you and your home.

A wardrobe that we all are familiar with is a free-standing piece of furniture. This is a conventional wardrobe that is versatile because of its ability to be moved along with changing layouts or even homes. These kinds of wardrobes are usually as tall as room doors and hence they not only provide space inside but also above the wardrobe. Large, infrequently-used articles such as suitcases are usually stored on the top shelf. They are available in myriad designs and finishes to match any interior layout concept of the room.

Free-standing wardrobes are easily available in furniture stores and can be effortlessly assembled by yourself or any home maintenance service in Dubai. Usually, this service is also provided by the store that sells the wardrobe itself. These wardrobes usually have smaller drawers and compartments to accommodate smaller items. They usually have two types of shutters; openable/hinged and sliding. The best home maintenance services in Dubai will usually endorse hinged shutters as they are strong and conventional. They swing outwards to ninety degrees offering a complete view of the items inside with ample light. It also offers the benefit of hanging some slim accessories like sling bags, ties, scarves, and belts on the back of the shutters with hooks.

However, some homes do not have the spare floor space that outward swinging shutters require. In such cases, you can have the same wardrobe with sliding doors. These kinds do not allow the doors to be used as any kind of hanging storage but at the same time will also not take up valuable floor space in bedrooms which are tight on square feet. The shutter slides from side to side and so only half the wardrobe contents are visible at a time.

If you have the luxury of space, then you can have a walk-in wardrobe which is the ultimate level of sophistication. A walk-in wardrobe is a large space or room which is usually adjacent to the bathroom and which accommodates every item of clothing, shoes, and accessories such as jewelry, hats, and bags. Everything is visible at a glance as innovative and versatile storage solutions are incorporated into the design. Everything has its own home from a finger ring to dinner jackets to bags and shoes. There is space for putting a look together in a jiffy and getting ready from head to toe. They can be customized as per your requirements and possessions.

Even though you may not have a walk-in wardrobe, you can still opt for a custom-built wardrobe made according to your specifications. This has the advantage of being tailor-made to suit your room size and requirements. It can also accommodate other pieces of furniture in the design such as a dressing table or TV console etc.

Olivia Rhye
Product Designer, Homezen

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