For the ultimate pool party, add bright summer colors and decorations

Parties always elevate one’s happiness quotient and when you say pool party, it is a whole exciting vibe altogether where hosts and guests, adults, and children, all truly have a blast. It is enjoyable not only to the ones jumping in the water but also to the onlookers having fun with interesting activities around the pool. If you are a host and are looking to organise a cool pool party, let us help you arrange one and we have put down below some basic guidelines and innovative decoration ideas which you can incorporate in various décor elements and we are sure your pool party will turn out fabulous and a one to joyously remember.


Pool Maintenance

Before you even start planning your pool party, you want to first make sure your pool is absolutely welcoming for your guests. Swimming pool maintenance in Dubai is now seemingly easy as you have a variety of swimming pool care services available to help you with these daunting tasks. You may hire them and they will effortlessly get it done for you whether it is your above-ground pool, in-ground pool or any other and will check the interiors as well as the exteriors surrounding the pool. The usual aspects to watch out for a safe pool experience would be to get the walls checked for any cracks, scrubbing, skimming, and vacuuming of the pool, checking filters, water levels, and pool chemicals and the experts will advise further as per your swimming pool. Now that you are ready, let us get to the planning.


Deciding a Theme

You may or may not necessarily have a theme for your party. Your décor can be based on that particular theme should you want to go ahead with one or you can just by and large have a colourful extravaganza planned out for your pool party. However, some theme ideas could be Hawaiian, Arabian Nights, Halloween, Neon, Unicorns, Bollywood or Hollywood, Disneyland, and many more. You could send out quirky invites based on your theme and the design elements will get your guests thrilled, as they would enthusiastically want to start planning their outfits and pool wear accordingly.


Must have props

Funky props and accessories definitely add weight to the décor elements of your pool party. Water babies, children, and adults alike love inflatables. Cute floaties are available in Dubai for hire in large and mid sizes. The ones that are adorable favourites are the flamingo, unicorn, and duck floaties, swim rings, watermelon, donut-shaped or heart-shaped floaties. Hammocks in the pool can be a great prop cum décor element to be relaxing in for your guests. Just above the pool you can set up a stream of lights that would illuminate when it is dark and light up the entire pool like a carpet above. Tiny lanterns can be hung as props on those lights. You may provide eye catchy sunglasses to your guests which would make great props in the pool along with fun softballs to throw and splash around.

Cool Corner

A pool party is undoubtedly incomplete without some interesting drinks. A large quirky backdrop could be designed as part of your décor for the drinks corner of your pool party. This backdrop could serve as a cool photo booth where your guests could say cheers and pose for the gram. There are innovatively shaped glasses available for different kinds of cocktails and mocktails. A great beverage company hired would help you execute this element of your party. Additionally, you could also serve drinks inside the pool by turning an inner tube into a cooler. The bucket would obviously have to be bigger than the inner hollow of the inflatable so it will not fall off. It all ultimately looks very classy and adds a touch of chic to your décor.

Gelato Bar

Beating the heat or just generally enjoying delicious ice creams can certainly become the high point of any party. You can amp up your décor by having your gelato bar as the most vibrant and attractive spot of your pool party. Needless to say, the gelatos must be lip-smacking and refreshing.

Creative Cupcakes

This booth will equally be a favourite at your pool party much as the gelato bar. The decor can be designed as a kiddie corner which will have the toddlers and children coming in to decorate the cupcakes with edible toppings and show their colourful creativity.

Get Pampered and Chill

Post all the exhilarating activities for the guests, it would definitely call for some time to unwind and relax. Fancy deck chairs could be set up near the poolside with beautiful shady gazebos which would add great taste to the décor of the pool party. Lounged on the deck chairs and receiving a blissful foot massage, no guest would ever be able to refuse and would warmly accept the hospitality and later leave the grand pool party gleefully.

Olivia Rhye
Product Designer, Homezen

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