The pool’s deck is an important component that can accentuate the beauty of your outdoor spaces. While the aesthetic of the deck is one part, its main purpose is to provide the guest's safety before entering the pools. The pool deck is a perfect spot to relax, unwind, soak up the sun, and organize barbeque parties. Therefore, the quality of the deck matters, as it has the potential to transform your regular backyards into a beautiful paradise. There are a variety of designs, materials, and styles of deck surfaces available and homeowners must choose the one which complements the exterior of the home well. 

While considering efficient swimming pool maintenance in Dubai, the pool’s deck is one of the components, and hence following factors need to be considered while choosing them: 

•    To ensure safety, the deck should be of non-slippery material 
•    To avoid burning of bare feet, heat-reflective materials are preferred 
•    Non-coarse and non-bumpy surfaces work better
•    For long term sustainability, algae and chemical resistant decks are required 


The most common and widely used material for a pool deck is concrete. It makes for a smooth texture and feels comfortable to walk on. Decks made with concrete do not get too warm easily even under the direct rays of the harsh sun. Maintaining a concretized surface is easy and small pebbles can be added to further enhance the grip. 


Stone is a commonly used architectural feature that gives an earthy feel to pool patios and pathways. The variety of stones available in the market are plenty ranging at different price points. Natural stones such as granite, marble, sandstone, &limestoneusually adorn the outdoor pavers and are a mid-range option. There are stones that are rectangular, triangular, square and of a different color, tones to match the contemporary or modern themes. 


Decks that are adorned with wood give a very classy appeal to the swimming amenity. As per your budget, there are many wood varieties like pine, cedar, teak, and redwood. If you have limited resources at your disposal, then pine is the right choice for you as it requires very little maintenance. On the other hand, teak is extremely attractive to look at and is durable due to its non-water absorbing property. 


If you are planning to opt for tiles, make sure they are unglazed terracotta or porcelain variants. Tiles have the tendency to get slippery in water and can get dangerous. The mammoth variety of shades and patterns make tiles an extremely attractive buy. They are relatively easy to maintain and prevent germ or moss accumulation on them. 


Pavers are yet another popular choice for installation on decks and patios. They are available in different materials, shapes, sizes, and colors. Concrete pavers are a great option as they are durable as well as chlorine, and salt resistant. Interlocking pavers look fancier than normal concrete pavers and can be designed to form different patterns.