A parents guide to follow proactive measures to protect your child from any accidental electric hazard

Having a baby running or crawling around the house could cause you some anxiety. Imagine having to keep an eye all the time to ensure your toddler doesn’t touch any electrical wiring or insert their hand in a socket. So, how do you babyproof your homes, such that your kid can grow & play around freely, without worrying too much?

Child Proof Outlets

Kids are extremely vulnerable being around electrical outlets or electrical sockets. By nature, children are inquisitive and even before you realize it, they must have stuck their finger in the hole of a socket. That spells disaster for sure! The solution is to childproof the outlets by covering them with safety plates. These plates have a spring-loaded cover that remains shut and can open only when you try to push a plug into the socket. This mechanism ensures that children can’t meddle with dangerous electric fittings.

Upgrade to GFCI

The Ground-fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) prevents accidental electrocution by turning off the electrical power when a fault happens. It basically acts as a solid guard to protect electrical circuits and save homes from any hazardous situation such as a fire. The process for installing the GFCI is rather simple and it can be done by homeowners themselves. All you need is a GFCI outlet, an outlet plate, and a flat head screwdriver to remove the outward electric panel and insert the GFCI behind it.

Keep the Use of Extension Cords to a Minimal

It isn’t a great idea to have extension wires running across the room, as this may cause your kiddo to trip over it or touch the cord with wet hands & thereby get electrocuted. There have been instances where playful children would accidentally wrap around the wire around their neck and chocked to death. We don’t mean to scare you though! Extension cables are super handy to connect appliances to otherwise unavailable sockets in that nook & corner of your home. You can continue using extension cables by taking precautionary measures such as; keeping the empty sockets covered with socket covers available in the market, using a cord cover to hide the cords under safely insulated pipes, unplugging devices when not in use, and keeping the appliances out of the child’s reach. These simple measures will ensure safety and sanity.

Running Power Cables under the Rug is a bad idea

Assuming that your home is safe by dumping all cable wires under the rug or taping them to the floor, is unfortunately a silly speculative bet. This is because the carpet may create some friction against the wires which may cause an unwanted fire hazard. Under the carpet wiring can also cause the wires to bend and get eroded easily when people walk around the carpet, leading to more harm than good. To baby-proof homes, avoid experimenting with under-the-carpet wiring.

Childproofing your home is a one-time and inexpensive affair. We urge you to connect with professional electricians in Dubai or just reach out to us (The Home Zen) to get your work done.

Olivia Rhye
Product Designer, Homezen

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