There is no other sport better than swimming as it is equally tough on your upper body and your lower body while also being gentle on joints. It instantly raises your heart rate and stimulates muscle growth. Form and technique have gradually bettered over the years and have been proven to be the best exercise for you. Speed is not as important for you if you do not intend on competing and hence you can focus on technique instead.

While there are many SWIMMING POOL SERVICES IN DUBAI, there are many residential communities that include a swimming pool or two as a part of the attached amenities. Now you need not travel for more than a few minutes to dip into the nearest community pool. But if you have the space the most convenient option for you if you are a swimming enthusiast is to install a lap pool within your property. This will not only ensure a daily workout for you and your family but also be a source of great summer fun. However, there are a few pointers to keep in mind before you install a lap-pool and a PROFESSIONAL SWIMMING POOL SERVICE IN DUBAI will help you with the same as it's not really a DIY project.

Here are some quick tips to keep in mind before you employ a SWIMMING POOL CONTRACTOR IN DUBAI. Assuming you have decided to install a lap pool and not a plunge pool, consider the space you have designated for the same. Usually, an Olympic-sized pool is 50 metres long with each lane measuring upto 1.8metres wide. It is unlikely that you will have 50 metres to spare in your backyard so anything above 10 meters will serve your purpose well. Keeping the depth of your pool on the lower side makes it unfit for any sort of diving activity but is very safe for children and jumping into the pool with care. It also makes it ideal for aerobic activity

DUBAI SWIMMING POOL installations can now be highly customized to suit your liking. They will help you personalize your pool for maximum convenience and so that you can use it as much as possible regardless of the season. The most basic thing is to add pool lights. Adding lights has multiple functions such as aesthetically highlighting the pool and showcasing it as the centerpiece of your yard, it allows you to see clearly while swimming even late in the day as well as letting you see any critters lurking about the poolside.

A temperature-controlled pool is almost a necessity with Dubai’s weather. This feature ups the resale value of the property as well. A heated pool is always accompanied by a pool cover which helps to keep the pool clean, retains the warmth, and lowers the energy bill.

Another aspect that we tend to overlook is how to get into the pool. While steps may look visually appealing, they would take up a lot of space and thus defeat the purpose of a lap pool if you are tight on space. Consider steps built into the side of the pool or offset steps that take up less space. Always have a safety rail accompanying any kind of step.

If you have the budget, consider added frills and fancies such as infinity pool edge and smart pool features.

Considering our fast-paced lives, having a pool in your property ensures you have a convenient place for your fitness routine and minimizes your excuses to get fit. It increases the value of your property too. So consider this an investment in your health and get started on one today.


Olivia Rhye
Product Designer, Homezen

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