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Choosing the right painting service partner for your apartment is of primary importance. We at The Home Zen are dedicated to providing professional level painting service to our discerning clientele and work towards transforming their homes into freshly painted retreats. Having the thought of painting your homes could be exciting, but finding a reliable paint professional can be quite tedious. That’s where we come into the picture. Our team of paint jobbers have honed their painting skills over the years and therefore maintain a steady hand to ensure correct application procedures. We hire only well-trained and certified painters and thus our clients trust us for our sincerity and attention to detailing while dealing with their home projects.

Proper painting can have a great positive impact on your homes and therefore homeowners approach the best painters. Going for an ordinary agency can make the home look ignored as the paint might chip-off making the rooms look shabby. The walls may even look smudged or streaky and start to crack if the paint coat is not evenly applied. Another dilemma that homeowners face is when they have to choose the appropriate paint color based on the color chip. Choosing an appropriate color for your walls can be quite a tricky process. Sometimes the color may appear different when it is actually applied on the surface.

Our expert color consultants help homeowners choose the right shade to match the thematic scheme of their residence. Each room is a blank canvas and our artistic painters have a deep understanding of which color is suited to match the functionality of what room. Usually, for your bedrooms, we suggest using neutral or pastel tones which gives a very calming effect to the cozy haven.

It goes without saying that the living room is the most important space in any home. The living room needs to reflect versatility as it is usually used to entertain guests, bond with the family, and unwind after a long day at work. A living room should be decorated in a way to match the personality of the residents. Whether this most important space of your home has a contemporary charm or a modern appeal, the wall’s color needs to match the furniture & other bold statement pieces of décor. Therefore, shades of greens, blues, greys, and beige usually make for stunning wall color backdrops, for the living spaces. Our lustrous shade of aqua greens or even pastel green reveals harmony & nature to complement the beautiful outdoorsy scenery.

If you have an apartment overlooking the pristine blue ripples of the Dubai Marina, our color consultants will curate a perfect wall getup that will complete your experience of living at a waterfront dream home. Our décor specialties present a gorgeous palette of pale blues, icy blues, green-blue, or even darker shades of blue to match the outdoor serendipity.

We pride ourselves on the reputation we have earned for being an innovative service provider with our commitment to focus on attention to detail and excellent problem-solving. Our painters adhere to strict deadlines and aim to complete the project within the defined timelines. Our clients come back to us for repeated business as they confide in our painting service experts to do a marvelous job with their home improvement works.

Our painters take note of every little detail and ensure that the floors and furniture of your apartment are properly covered so that no paint will damage the assets of your home. All the décor and furniture are carefully moved to the middle of the room and wrapped with duct covers to avoid staining. Lighting fixtures and other hardware devices are also removed and labeled appropriately until the painting project is completed.

A statement wall in your homes can make your apartment look visually more attractive. This wall stands out and adds lively energy to empty spaces. Welcome a refined change into your homes by displaying your creativity onto the wall which is sure to grab the focus of whoever steps into your heaven aboard. Our painters specialize in curating attractive statement walls through innovative wall painting techniques. One such expression is the strié technique, which creates horizontal or vertical textural lines with paint more like streaks running from ceiling to flooring. It adds special warmth to the rooms and seamlessly blends with the rest of the home decor. Color wash is yet another technique that we adapt to, where layers of different colors are applied in asymmetrical patterns to create a subtle color over the wall surface. Designer walls can also be created using the wall stenciling technique. Our decor specialists arrange for different patterns of stencils that match the overall indoor theme.

This is one of the most simple and easy ways to add the tinge of sophistication and intrigue to space without much cost. Wall stencils are a great money-saving substitute for wallpaper or vinyl decals. Simply put, these are a quick, easy, and inexpensive way to customize and update the walls of your house with paint.

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