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Presenting admirable outdoor recreational spaces that inspire.


Driven by a team of highly skilled swimming pool technicians, gardeners, and landscapers, thehomezen is one of Dubai’s leading residential and commercial service providers. We strive to deliver excellence through our unwavering commitment to project timelines and exceptional client support.

Pranita has a rich overall work experience of more than 7 years and has excelled in various managerial job roles across Sales and Business Development, throughout her career. In her previous organizations, she has been resourceful in culminating important sales deals and instrumental in creating long-lasting relationships with the customer to drive growth and increase revenue. Her self-driven attitude and deep understanding of customer requirements gave her the leadership pedestal early in her career, which she managed to carry on with utmost proficiency. She has also displayed entrepreneurial abilities by strategizing successful business development plans in line with the overall objectives of the organization. She served as a liaison with officials from the governing bodies such as the Ministry of Economics and Ministry of Finance to maintain an orderly state of corporate affairs for businesses. Besides being passionate about her career, she is also an ardent nature lover and has found interest in planting and gardening. She loves spending time taking care of her kitchen garden and try out different techniques to maintain the beauty of the green spaces. She is now ready to combine her love for flora and passion for excelling in life into a blossoming career.

Faisal has been a part of the corporate world for more than 12 years and has worked across Sales and Marketing departments all through his career. He has been instrumental in assisting the core sales team by being a backbone for record-keeping and maintaining ongoing customer relationships. As a part of his role, he has also been involved with goal-setting and making timely sales reports for the top management. His stint in Marketing has also been commendable. With his research skills and business acumen, he presented a Marketing Mix and contributed towards driving marketing initiatives in his organization. He has had hands-on experience in branding and advertising products via the right mediums to gain maximum traction. Faisal possesses all the characteristics of a good entrepreneur. He is a professional with utmost self-confidence in himself and doesn’t shy away from thinking out of the box. His creative pursuits are not limited to the meeting room alone. He is equally passionate about the beauty of nature and finds it therapeutic to water, plant, and mow his personal home-garden space. Moreover, gardening and spending time amongst green landscapes, motivate him to be more creative and enhance his productivity. Faisal is excited to get onboard and share his vision for a vibrant future as a part of his new stint at The Home Zen.

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